Review of the New Prehistoric Times (Edition 85 – Spring)

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Review of Prehistoric Times (Spring 2008)

Spring is definitely on the way when our Spring edition of “Prehistoric Times” arrives at the office.  “Prehistoric Times” is the magazine for dinosaur merchandise and model collectors.  This latest edition marks 15 years of publication for the title.  Starting out as a black and white newsletter, the magazine has grown into a glossy compendium of information packed full of information about the latest discoveries in palaeontology as well as features and articles on the latest prehistoric animal models.

The Spring edition features a front cover depicting a Thylacoleo, the vicious marsupial lion that was the top predator in Australia for much of the Neogene.  The cover painting was created by the famous palaeoartist Mark Hallett, an article on these bizarre marsupial carnivores can be found inside along with features on the hadrosaur Edmontosaurus and the second part of the article on the history of Tyrannosaurus rex.

The Spring Edition of “Prehistoric Times”

“Prehistoric Times” magazine.

Picture Credit: Mike Fredericks

As usual there are contributions from a number of notable writers such as Joe DeMarco, Tracy Ford and Sean Kotz.

The magazine also reviews the palaeontology year with updates on the latest research and information on recent finds.

To visit the “Prehistoric Times” website: Prehistoric Times Home Page