Magic Dinosaurs Book Review

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Magic Dinosaurs Book Review

Every once in a while our buyer comes across a really fun and different prehistoric animal themed book.  With an interest in children’s education, books have to meet very strict criteria in terms of their contribution to learning.  A recent edition to our reading activities section certainly does this, uniting young children’s interest with dinosaurs with storytelling and learning about colours.

Especially designed for very young dinosaur fans the Mini-Magic Dinosaurs book is a robust, hardback which tells the story of dinosaurs playing hide and seek.  Palaeontologists have no evidence from the fossil record to support this type of behaviour amongst Dinosauria – but you never know.

Anyway, a Tyrannosaurus rex sets off in search of his friends who are playing with this game with him.  Each of the prehistoric animals he meets is a different colour.  The colour of the animal is revealed by pulling a tab on each page of the book.  When the tab is pulled the animal in question magically appears in colour – neat.

The Magic Mini-Dinosaur Hand and Seek Book

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Team members have been fascinated to see how the trick is done, simply pull the tab and the dinosaur is revealed in colour.

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On test the young children we read the book to were fascinated.  They loved going back in time to see the dinosaurs playing.  This book is very helpful when it comes to learning about different colours and recognising colours and words.  It is suitable for very young children from about 18 months and upwards.