Review of Prehistoric Times – Issue 84

Mike Fredericks, his colleagues and contributors kick start 2008 with another very informative and packed edition of “Prehistoric Times” – the magazine for dinosaur enthusiasts and prehistoric animal merchandise collectors.

The front cover features a nothosaur – a Triassic marine reptile.  The picture has been specially commissioned for Prehistoric Times and was created by John Sibbick perhaps the most eminent dinosaur illustrator around today.  The front cover links to an article on the nothosaurid group providing a history of fossil finds and giving palaeoartists the opportunity to depict these animals in their watery environment.

The Front Cover of “Prehistoric Times” Magazine

Prehistoric Times Magazine

Issue 84 of “Prehistoric Times”

Keeping to the theme of prehistoric animals beginning with the letter “N” there is a special section on nodosaurs, part of the armoured dinosaur family the thyreophorans, similar to ankylosaurs but lacking the tail club.  Putting aside the opening paragraphs depicting a battle between a male Edmontonia and a bull Triceratops, the article sets out to “right some of the wrongs” concerning nodosaurs and give this group a little of the limelight so often hogged by the stegosaurs and ankylosaurs.

As well as the usual features about new products, fossil finds and the latest theories, issue 84 features a section on dinosaurs of Brazil.  The article is written by Augustin Martinelli and Ezequiel Vera, palaeontologists from Argentina and the article is well written and most informative.

Cleaveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry

The new developments at the famous Cleveland-Lloyd dinosaur quarry in the middle of the Morrison formation are discussed with cool pictures showing the new facilities and some of the latest fossil finds and last by not least T. rex gets a look in with the second part of an article tracing the history of Tyrannosaurus illustration.

All in all, an excellent read.

“Prehistoric Times” website: Visit Prehistoric Times.

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