Dinosaur Money Box Kit – A Great Project for a Wet Weekend

Now is the time for New Year resolutions, hopefully the resolve to keep them will have lasted until at least the time to take down the Christmas decorations.  One of our team members was talking with a parent of a young dinosaur fan and it turns out that one of the resolutions set by the father for the budding palaeontologist was to try to encourage them to save – after all the child had received some money for Christmas.

Dinosaur Money Box

Saving is certainly a good habit to get into and the younger you start the better it will be, so we thought we would publish today a little article about dinosaur money boxes and a money box building project ideal for a wet January weekend.

Team members at Everything Dinosaur have looked at a number of different types of dinosaur themed money boxes, made from china, plastic and even wood.  Many of them are impractical, for example it would be difficult to mail out a china money box as breakages might occur.  We have even come across some money boxes where the slots are not big enough to take something like a £2 coin and getting the money out from the small bung in the bottom can be a real problem.  No doubt we will continue to look at the options available in 2008.

Meantime, our popular Paper Mâché Dino Making kit represents a credible alternative to purchasing a money box – why not make your own?

You can create your very own paper mâché Stegosaurus, paint it with your own design and put a coin slot in the top and a hole in the bottom and you have your own unique money box.

The Stegosaurus Dinosaur Making Kit

The dinosaur making kit.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Stegosaurus Money Box

Everything you need to make the Stegosaurus money box is contained in the kit, “Chinese paper” for making the skin, balloons for the head and body, glue, paints,  paint brush, adhesive tapes, sponges and of course the all important step-by-step instructions.

To view Dinosaur Crafts for Kids: Dinosaur Themed Crafts and Toys.

The Colour of Dinosaurs

Scientists do not actually know what colour dinosaurs were since colour does not normally fossilise, so you can paint your dinosaur any colour and pattern you want and your guess will be as good as the most experienced palaeontologist.  We have received pictures from customers who have made these kits and it never ceases to amaze us how many different colours and patterns they come up with.  We have seen photos of pink ones, dinosaurs striped like a zebra, yellow ones with red spots – all the colours of the rainbow.

Suitable for Young Children

The kits are suitable for children aged 5 years and above, although we have worked with some very artistic 4 year-olds as well.  This is the sort of ideal “kitchen table top” activity for a wet weekend.  We would advise to put plenty of newspaper down and for parents to get involved to.  After all, parents can supervise and why should the kids have all the fun.  The paper mâché kits can be used to create models, or with the aid of a piece of string or fishing line they can be suspended from the ceiling.  By popping the balloon that makes up the body, cutting a slot in the top and creating a hole in the bottom which can be bunged up, you can make a handy and unique dinosaur money box.

There are lots and lots of fun things to do and make within our product range, you can find the money box kit (as well as lots of other things to do and make) in our “Learning” section of our website.

As always we would love to see your pictures of the dinosaurs, we have a big cork notice board in our warehouse and we put them up on it as well as having them around the Everything Dinosaur offices.



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