Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Posters – How to pack them?

Since the inception of Everything Dinosaur, the team has strived to find educational and informative products related to dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals.  In the beginning , when our product range was considerably smaller than it is today posters were an important product category.   Posters provide young people the opportunity to learn about prehistoric animals, can help theme a bedroom into a young child’s very own Jurassic Park and can provide a useful teaching and reference source for schools and home educators.

Prehistoric Animal Posters

The number and types of posters we now stock has increased considerably, but one issue with posters always remains – how to ensure that they arrive in tip-top condition when they have been mailed out.  Making sure that posters arrive safely and undamaged is a problem for all mail order companies that sell items such as this.  We would not want to disappoint any of our customers, so right from the day the company first started trading we have taken great care to make sure that posters get VIP treatment.

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Posters purchased from Everything Dinosaur are most usually packed separately from other purchases.  Often this means that we send out two parcels per order rather than one, even though we only charge customers one posting and packing/administration fee.  As a company made up of parents and teachers as well as knowledgeable dinosaur people, we would rather subsidise the delivery than risk a poster getting damaged and spoiled if it were packed in some other way.

Special Parcel Tubes

Posters are packed into special Royal Mail parcel poster tubes, these robust tubes prevent damage and permit the poster to arrive in tip-top condition.

Within the UK, Royal Mail changed the way in which post and parcels were handled in April 2006.  Parcels were now categorised according to both size and weight dimensions.  These changes have not affected the way in which we pack posters, however, customers are not expecting two deliveries from us and to prevent them thinking that a poster has been left off their order, team members contact customers to let them know that their order has been split and two parcels have been despatched.

Our good reputation for packing orders has helped us develop a number of new posters for dinosaur enthusiasts.  For example, the My First Dinosaur Poster concept has proved very popular since its introduction about three months ago.  This is an especially robust, double laminated poster featuring colour illustrations of dinosaurs.  The poster has been specially designed to appeal to young children from 3 years and up.

The My First Dinosaur Poster From Everything Dinosaur

Illustration: Everything Dinosaur

Seventeen different dinosaurs are featured, some of the more well-known ones with a good mix of the more unusual dinosaurs.  The name of each animal is provided, printed clearly in black ink against a white background to help young children recognise letters and help them to form words.