The Book of Prehistoric Pop-Up Board Games

A novel twist to a conventional book about prehistoric animals, “Prehistoric Pop-Up Board Games”, combines the features of a book about dinosaurs and other animals from the Age of Reptiles with four prehistoric themed board games.

The Book of Prehistoric Board Games

Is it a book or a game – it is both!

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur (Tango)

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Beautifully illustrated by the well-known commercial artist Bob Nicholls, the book takes players through four prehistoric adventures from the Jurassic and Cretaceous.  Each game section can be played by four players and individual game counters are provided within the book’s contents for you – although more players can join in, little model dinosaurs make excellent counters too.

In the first game, you become an Allosaurus, a fierce meat-eater from the Late Jurassic and you have to hunt down a Stegosaurus.  Players then move onto the Cretaceous and face the perils of being a baby pterosaur just hatched looking for a tasty fish to eat; before plunging into the sea to confront the mighty Mosasaurus and other marine perils as you attempt to swim to safety, with your counter which could either be an ichthyosaur, plesiosaur or pliosaur.

Of course any children’s book would not be complete with out an appearance by Tyrannosaurus rex.  Your travels send you to very last days of the dinosaurs and choosing your herbivorous dinosaur game counter you face the dangers of the Late Cretaceous of North America and try to avoid becoming a snack for the ever-hungry predator.

We found the book/games fun and suitable for children aged 5+, although it did appeal to a couple of very enthusiastic 4-year olds we know, who took to it with equal relish.