Brave Little Boy (Dinosaur Boy) Gets Up Close to Dimetrodon

Always a pleasure to receive pics of young palaeontologists who are passionate (and very knowledgeable) when it comes to prehistoric animals.  Everything Dinosaur was sent in this picture of “Dinosaur Boy”, petting a Dimetrodon.

Getting Up Close to the Business End of a Pelycosaur

Young prehistoric animal fan sends in a pic of his favourite Dimetrodon. Picture courtesy of Bridger’s dad.

Although not dinosaurs, several manufacturers have incorporated models of Dimetrodon into their “dinosaur ranges”.

For example, Papo of France have added a replica of Dimetrodon into their “Les Dinosaures” model series.

The Papo Dimetrodon Figure

Prehistoric animals. The Papo Dimetrodon model.
Fearsome sail-backed reptile, with exquisite detail. The Papo Dimetrodon model.

To view the Papo range of prehistoric animal models: Prehistoric Animal Figures and Models (Papo).