The New PNSO Tristan the Gorgosaurus is Reviewed

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Our thanks to model collector William who sent into Everything Dinosaur his review of the PNSO Tristan the Gorgosaurus model. The Chinese manufacturer was praised for their tyrannosaur figures.

William commented:

“PNSO has favoured me with not one but two stunning Albertosaurinae tyrannosaurid models. Ah, the genius of PNSO.”

The second Albertosaurinae referred to by the reviewer is the recently introduced PNSO Wally the Albertosaurus.

PNSO Gorgosaurus model in the landscape.
The PNSO Gorgosaurus (Tristan) will have an articulated lower jaw. This tyrannosaur figure was praised by the reviewer.

To view the range of PNSO tyrannosaur figures in stock at Everything Dinosaur: PNSO Age of Dinosaurs Models.

PNSO Tristan the Gorgosaurus

The reviewer stated that there was a notable difference between “Tristan and Wally”. The Gorgosaurus figure (Tristan) is posed as if looking downwards. It might be surveying potential prey. Perhaps the dinosaur has been left in charge of some hatchlings and it is watching over its brood. William commented that these dinosaurs had acute vision.

PNSO Tristan the Gorgosaurus model.
The new for 2023 PNSO Tristan the Gorgosaurus dinosaur model. This figure is in stock at Everything Dinosaur.

William complimented both figures and explained that whilst finalising his review of Tristan he received the Albertosaurus model in the post.

He stated:

“In finalising my review of Tristan, I received a second beautiful horned Albertosaurinae model – Wally the Albertosaurus.”

Information About Gorgosaurus

Prior to providing the model review, William supplied some information about the discovery of Gorgosaurus. He wrote that Gorgosaurus is synonymous with the Canadian Province of Alberta. It lived during the Campanian faunal stage of the Cretaceous (76.6-75.1 mya).

William explained that it was the year 1913 and in the young province of Alberta the fossil collector Charles M. Sternberg had unearthed an almost complete holotype Gorgosaurus libratus. Charles M. Sternberg had been exploring the Dinosaur Provincial Park Formation. The following year (1914), Lawrence Lambe published his paper describing and naming the new fossil. Gorgosaurus libratus being the second but older species Albertosaurinae tyrannosaurid discovered.

The PNSO Gorgosaurus figure will be supplied with an A3-sized Sci-Art poster and a 64-page, illustrated colour booklet.
The PNSO Gorgosaurus figure will be supplied with a transparent support stand, an A3-sized Sci-Art poster and a 64-page, illustrated colour booklet.

In concluding his review, William thanked team members at Everything Dinosaur for their hard work sourcing the figures and making them accessible for model collectors.

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