Haolonggood Ouranosaurus Model with Thumb Spike – An Exclusive Look

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We can confirm that the Haolonggood Ouranosaurus model in stock has the anatomically correct manus (hand). When this figure was first produced, the hand on the model did not reflect the known fossil record. The Haolonggood design team were swift to respond and introduced a more accurate version shortly afterwards.

A close-up view of the manus of the Haolonggood Ouranosaurus model.
The Haolonggood Ouranosaurus model (WuJu) available from Everything Dinosaur has a more accurate manus compared to the previous version of this dinosaur figure. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

A More Accurate Haolonggood Ouranosaurus Model

The picture (above) shows a close-up view of the manus of WuJu the green Ouranosaurus figure. The first digit, the thumb (pollex) has a stubby spike. Digits two, three and four were more robust, and were adapted for weight bearing. Please note, in the image above digit four is not visible. Digit five was reduced and had limited sideways movement. It was not prehensile and probably not used for grasping.

Everything Dinosaur congratulates the design team at Haolonggood for introducing a more accurate Ouranosaurus model.

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The Ouranosaurus Holotype and the Paratype

Ouranosaurus was named and described in 1976 (Ouranosaurus nigeriensis) by the French palaeontologist Phillipe Taquet. Fossil specimens began to be put on display prior to the formal scientific description. This has led to some confusion over the identity of the fossil material. For example, it is now thought that the nearly complete specimen on display at the Natural History Museum of Venice represents the paratype. As a result of this confusion, some of the autapomorphies associated with the holotype that led to the erection of this genus has been challenged.

For example, the tail was described as relatively short. However, this may not be a unique characteristic and the absence of a complete set of caudal vertebrae may have led to this feature being over emphasised.

A pair of Haolonggood Ouranosaurus dinosaur models.
A pair of Haolonggood Ouranosaurus dinosaur models. WuJu is in the foreground whilst WuWei is in the background. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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