Everything Dinosaur will be stocking the new for 2022 PNSO Deinocheirus model. A stunning replica of a bizarre theropod dinosaur. Jacques the PNSO Deinocheirus is already on its way to Everything Dinosaur and it is expected to arrive at the company’s UK warehouse in the next few weeks (November 2022).

PNSO Jacques the Deinocheirus model.
The beautifully painted, feathered theropod – Jacques the Deinocheirus dinosaur model.

Jacques the PNSO Deinocheirus Model

The figure is based on the very latest scientific reconstruction of this giant ornithomimosaur which was named and described in 1970. The arms of this biped, at around 2.4 metres in length, are amongst the largest arms of any known member of the Theropoda. The PNSO replica has been given plenty of plumage on its forelimbs and a long tail with a tuft of feathers on the end.

PNSO Jacques the Deinocheirus dinosaur model.
The PNSO Jacques the Deinocheirus dinosaur model.

PNSO Deinocheirus Model Measurements

The model measures a fraction over 29.2 cm in length and that prominent hump and beautifully detailed head stand over 12 cm off the ground. Jacques the Deinocheirus is part of the very popular PNSO mid-size model range.

PNSO Deinocheirus model measurements.
The PNSO Deinocheirus model measures 29.2 cm long and the head stands some 12.5 cm off the ground.

To read an article from 2014 about the re-description of Deinocheirus following more substantial fossil finds: Deinocheirus Done and Dusted for Now at Least.

Expected to Arrive at the Same Time as the Sinopliosaurus

The new PNSO Deinocheirus figure is the last, scheduled PNSO prehistoric animal model to be introduced this year. It will be on the same shipment as the PNSO Sinopliosaurus figure that we at Everything Dinosaur announced in August: PNSO Adding a Sinopliosaurus Dinosaur Model.

PNSO Jacques the Deinocheirus dinosaur model.
A close-up view of the elongated beak of the Deinocheirus model, this dinosaur has an articulated lower jaw.

Supplied with Poster, Booklet and QR Code

The PNSO Jacques the Deinocheirus model has an articulated jaw. It is supplied with a sci-art poster, a 64-page, fully illustrated booklet and the box has a QR code on it permitting access to a short product video.

PNSO Deinocheirus supplied with a poster and booklet.
The new PNSO Deinocheirus dinosaur model is supplied with a full-colour, illustrated booklet and a sci-art poster. Customers can also scan a QR code to gain access to a short video that explains how the model was created.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur welcomed the new PNSO figure and confirmed that it was scheduled to be in stock in November.

To view the large range of PNSO prehistoric animal models available from Everything Dinosaur: PNSO Age of Dinosaurs.

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