Team members at Everything Dinosaur have produced their second short YouTube video highlighting the features of a prehistoric animal model that the company has in stock. The first video showcase featured the Rebor Smilodon populator in the plain colour scheme, so it is only fitting that the second video in this new series should focus on another Rebor Smilodon figure, the Ice Age colour variant.

The forty-five second video shows the model, packaging and box contents. How easy it is to change the heads is demonstrated and the Smilodon figure placed on a revolving turntable is shown with the open jaws head and then with the closed head attachment.

The Everything Dinosaur video showcase of the Rebor Smilodon populator Stray Cat in the Ice Age colour scheme. A short, 45 second video that highlights this excellent Rebor model.

Rebor Smilodon populator Stray Cat in the Ice Age Colour Scheme

The captions in the video provide details of the model’s measurements and confirm that the Smilodon figure has a declared scale of 1:11. Team members took advice from Rebor and from viewers of the first Smilodon video showcase to improve the lighting and exposure on the turntable footage to permit the colouration of the model to be shown clearly.

Rebor Smilodon populator Stray Cat Ice Age model
The Rebor Smilodon populator Stray Cat Ice Age colour variant. More lights were used in this second Everything Dinosaur video showcase to help to show the figure in more detail. The exposure settings on the camera were also adjusted in a bid to help viewers to perceive the subtle colour variations of the Smilodon’s coat.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented that the Rebor Smilodon populator Stray Cat model in the Ice Age colour scheme had been selected for the second video showcase after the very positive feedback the company had received after their first YouTube video which featured the plain colour variant.

The spokesperson went onto add:

“We intend to create more showcase videos of models and figures. Our plan is to embed these videos into the product pages of our company website so visitors can see videos as well as images of the models that we sell. We aim to provide as much information as possible to help customers to make an informed purchase decision.”

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