Our thanks to dinosaur model fan and collector John who sent into Everything Dinosaur some photographs of his recent PNSO prehistoric animal purchases. At Everything Dinosaur, we enjoy seeing how collectors set about putting their figures on display.

PNSO Amargasaurus model on display
The PNSO Lucio the Amargasaurus model is displayed against a mountain backdrop. Picture credit: John.

A Trio of Hadrosaurs

PNSO have increased their range of mid-size dinosaur models significantly in the last two years. John has only just started to collect PNSO figures, but he has already picked up Audrey the Lambeosaurus, Caroline the Corythosaurus (both 2020 introductions) and a beautiful Wyatt the Parasaurolophus figure, which came into stock at Everything Dinosaur in 2021.

PNSO hadrosaur models on display.
A trio of PNSO Hadrosaur models. The collector has added bases to the duck-billed dinosaur replicas. Picture credit: John.

John has provided bases for his duck-billed dinosaurs as well as supplying a background as part of his dinosaur-themed display.

Recently, PNSO added a stunning replica of “titanic swan”, an Olorotitan to their mid-size model range, yet another superb lambeosaurine hadrosaur to put on display.

Ivan the Olorotitan dinosaur model on display.
Ivan the Olorotitan model on display. Picture credit: John.

Whilst many collectors choose to display their collections on shelves or within specially constructed glass cabinets, John has opted to provide backdrops for his figures, producing the illusion of the dinosaur having been photographed in natural surroundings. We think his choice of backgrounds are most effective.

A Dinosaur Battle

PNSO introduced a diorama that featured a ferocious Yangchuanosaurus attacking the Chinese stegosaur Chungkingosaurus. The fighting pair are presented on a detailed base and John has added to this by sliding in a suitable background to depict this dinosaur conflict from the Jurassic. The prominent conifers on the backdrop fit well with a Middle/Late Jurassic prehistoric scene.

PNSO Dayong the Yangchuanosaurus and Xiaobei the Chungkingosaurus on display.
A pair of dinosaurs do battle! The PNSO Dayong the Yangchuanosaurus and Xiaobei the Chungkingosaurus have been placed against a misty background, the conifer forest provides a fitting backdrop for this dinosaur encounter. Picture credit: John.

A Pair of Stegosaurs on Display

In 2021, PNSO introduced a model set that featured an adult Stegosaurus and a juvenile. The Chinese design team wanted to highlight how these famous dinosaurs changed as they grew and matured. The figures entitled Biber and Rook certainly do that and John has added emphasis to the pair by placing them on their own circular display base and adding a carefully chosen background.

PNSO Biber and Rook on display.
The pair of stegosaur models Biber and Rook depicting thyreophoran ontogeny. Picture credit: John.

Our thanks to John for sending in his photographs. A splendid selection of PNSO dinosaur models on display.

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