With all the attention given to the recent new for 2022 CollectA prehistoric animal models, some of the 2021 figures made by CollectA can be overlooked. We have posted up some pictures of the excellent CollectA Prehistoric Life Kamuysaurus dinosaur model which was introduced this year (spring 2021).

The new for 2021 CollectA Kamuysaurus dinosaur model
The new for 2021 CollectA Kamuysaurus dinosaur model continues the trend for CollectA to make replicas of the unique Japanese dinosaur biota. Kamuysaurus follows on from Fukuiraptor and Fukuisaurus that were introduced previously.

Kamuysaurus japonicus

Named and described in 2019, the design team at CollectA were quick to add this hadrosaurid to their range of not to scale prehistoric animal models. When Everything Dinosaur sells one of these excellent figures, we send out a Kamuysaurus fact sheet that provides more information on this Late Cretaceous herbivore. These fact sheets are an integral part of the company’s education programme.

As part of our project to research and write a Kamuysaurus fact sheet we commissioned a scale drawing of the dinosaur.

Kamuysaurus scale drawing
A scale drawing of the hadrosaurid Kamuysaurus (K. japonicus) that was formally named and described in 2019. This Late Cretaceous duck-billed dinosaur is estimated to have measured around 8 metres in length and weighed 4 tonnes.

In 2021, CollectA introduced a total of eleven prehistoric animal models and a mini prehistoric animal model box set. The Kamuysaurus model was one of six not to scale figures to be added by the company. As this year draws to a close, team members at Everything Dinosaur remember the introduction of the CollectA Prehistoric Life Kamuysaurus dinosaur model in early 2021.

CollectA Kamusaurus dinosaur model.
The CollectA Age of Dinosaurs Kamuysaurus model. A replica of a hadrosaurid from the Late Cretaceous of Japan.

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