PNSO “Logan” Nanotyrannus Reviewed

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The recently introduced PNSO Logan the Nanotyrannus dinosaur figure has divided model collectors and dinosaur fans. Is Nanotyrannus lancensis a valid species or do the fossils assigned to this theropod represent juvenile examples of Tyrannosaurus rex?

PNSO Nanotyrannus dinosaur model.
The new for 2021 PNSO Nanotyrannus dinosaur model. Is Nanotyrannus lancensis a valid species?

The consensus view amongst most palaeontologists seems to favour the latter interpretation, that Nanotyrannus is not a valid genus and that the fossil specimens represent juvenile tyrannosaurs but what about the actual Nanotyrannus model itself? One Everything Dinosaur customer, William offers an opinion.

PNSO “Logan” the Nanotyrannus

Logan is a fantastic little guy and whichever camp you are in he’s a perfect example of a top-of-the-line Nanotyrannus lancensis or medium-sized juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex figure. You decide what he is to be in your collection.”

The reviewer praised the detail on the head commenting on the articulated lower jaw and complimented the shape of the skull that provides an accurate reflection of the fossil record.

Tongue placement was highlighted and its position towards the rear of the mouth commented upon and the finely crafted lacrimal crests earned the reviewer’s approval.

PNSO Nanotyrannus dinosaur model with an articulated jaw.
Like most of the other mid-size PNSO theropod figures, Logan the Nanotyrannus has an articulated lower jaw.

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Longer Forelimbs Reminiscent of Allosaurids

Scientists are aware that the body shape of Late Cretaceous tyrannosaurs changed radically as they grew. The limbs were proportionately longer and the longer forelimbs of this PNSO figure reminded the reviewer of the limbs of allosaurids. The limb shape contrasts nicely with PNSO T. rex figures, Andrea the female T. rex for example.

William commented upon the well-sculpted legs and feet and described juvenile tyrannosaurs/Nanotyrannus as “like Cretaceous wolverines”.

The packaging was described as “superb” and the box containing the Nanotyrannus figure includes a detailed illustrated booklet and a clear, plastic support stand for the model.

PNSO Nanotyrannus packaging
The new PNSO mid-size range Nanotyrannus is supplied with a clear support stand.

When discussing the colour scheme chosen for this theropod, the reviewer stated that the dinosaur model had been painted in a rich, warm beige, with chocolate brown patches. The painting around the eyes was highlighted and the dark stripes on the flanks praised.

As with previous model reviews, William summarised the figure’s vital statistics.

Model Dimensions

Length: 6.5 inches.

Height: 2.5 inches.

Scale: 1:30.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, William stated:

“The wee guy is a must for your collection be he a dwarf tyrant or a tyrant lizard king. Add him and you will see for yourself, he may be wee, but he is mighty!”

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