Everything Dinosaur customer and prehistoric animal fan Luke du Toit combines his skills as an artist and graphic designer to create stunning dinosaur themed artworks. Take for example, this very colourful Dilophosaurus illustration shown below.

Dilophosaurus illustrated.
A colourful Dilophosaurus artwork created by talented artist and graphic designer Luke du Toit. Picture credit: Luke du Toit.

Mesozoic Art

Mesozoic Art was started by Luke back in 2016, he has been selling his unique creations to fans of prehistoric animals and palaeoart all over the world from his company’s website.

Commenting on why dinosaurs have inspired him so much, Luke explained:

“I have a deep love and obsession for dinosaurs and have been drawing them since I was 5 years old. Their variety of different shapes, sizes and colours really tap into my imagination. The fact that dinosaurs existed and are now not readily available for us to access make them almost mythical in nature. For me, they are a great source of creative expression. “

Parasaurolophus artwork.
A striking Parasaurolophus illustration. The duck-billed dinosaur is surrounded by a border of flowering plants (angiosperms). Flowering plants would have been familiar to this Late Cretaceous herbivore. Picture credit: Luke du Toit.

Inspired by the “Jurassic Park” Movie Franchise

Based in Pretoria, South Africa, Luke uses a variety of reference sources to inspire his illustrations. In particular, he is a big fan of the “Jurassic Park” movie franchise and a number of the iconic dinosaurs from that famous film franchise feature in his artwork.

Velociraptor Blue by Luke du Toit
An illustration of Velociraptor Blue inspired by the “Jurassic Park” movie franchise. Artwork entitled “Clever Girl” by South African graphic designer and artist Luke du Toit. Picture credit: Luke du Toit.

Each detailed illustration is meticulously drawn, then scanned and turned into an electronic file before being digitally redrawn and then coloured.

“My artwork looks equally beautiful in a child’s bedroom, a study as well as an art piece in a living room or even a “Man Cave” setting,” commented the talented artist.

Triceratops artwork
A striking illustration of the horned dinosaur Triceratops. Picture credit: Luke du Toit.

Take a look at the Mesozoic Art website to see the full portfolio of artwork and illustrations of the artist: Mesozoic Art.

Visit the Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.

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