Everything Dinosaur in collaboration with their chums at CollectA announced recently the first of the new for 2022 CollectA prehistoric animal figures. The models, a deluxe Paraceratherium, an updated, 1:40 scale deluxe Spinosaurus (S. aegyptiacus) and a stunning deluxe replica of the pterosaur Pteranodon sternbergi have created a great deal of excitement amongst model collectors and dinosaur fans.

New for 2022 CollectA prehistoric animal figures
The first batch of new for 2022 CollectA prehistoric animal figures P. sternbergi (top left), Paraceratherium (top right) and the updated 1:40 scale CollectA deluxe Spinosaurus (bottom).

To see the range of CollectA Deluxe figures and scale models: CollectA Deluxe Scale Models.

More new model announcements will be made in the coming weeks, however, as with all new figures there have been lots of comments and questions raised. In a bid to help our customers and fellow model collectors, team members at Everything Dinosaur will be creating a special YouTube video that explains the science behind the new models and provides more information about the production process.

Everything Dinosaur YouTube video CollectA models (2022)
Everything Dinosaur will provide more information on the first batch of new for 2022 CollectA prehistoric animal models in the company’s next YouTube video. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

CollectA Prehistoric Life models: CollectA Age of Dinosaurs Popular models.

Pteranodon sternbergi or Geosternbergia sternbergi?

The CollectA deluxe pterosaur has been named as Pteranodon sternbergi. Knowledgeable collectors are aware that the validity of this scientific name has been challenged. In the Everything Dinosaur YouTube video, we will explain some of the issues surrounding the taxonomy of this famous pterosaur genus.

In addition, the video will provide more information on the science behind the updated version of a swimming Spinosaurus, a figure that has a broad, newt-like tail. The new for 2022 Deluxe Paraceratherium replaces an earlier CollectA figure, one that was retired in 2019. The video narrator will explain how the new for 2022 model differs from the original and looks at some of the scientific evidence that suggests Paraceratherium had a small trunk, similar to that of an extant tapir, to which this giant herbivore was distantly related.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur stated that the video should be up on the company’s YouTube channel in a few days.

The Everything Dinosaur YouTube channel has thousands of subscribers. It contains model reviews, prehistoric animal news stories as well as features on product development and model collecting advice and tips.

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To visit Everything Dinosaur’s YouTube channel and to subscribe to the channel: Everything Dinosaur on YouTube.

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