New CollectA Models 2022 (Part 1)

Today, we introduce the first batch of new for 2022 CollectA prehistoric animals. The last eighteen months or so have been extremely challenging, it is great to be able to introduce to you the first of the new for 2022 prehistoric animal figures and replicas from this highly respected manufacturer.

  • CollectA Deluxe Pteranodon sternbergi with an articulated jaw (1:20 scale).
  • The CollectA Deluxe Spinosaurus swimming with an articulated jaw (1:40 scale).
  • CollectA Deluxe Paraceratherium.

Scheduled for delivery in early 2022, Everything Dinosaur will keep model collectors informed about shipments.

CollectA Deluxe Pteranodon sternbergi
The new for 2022 CollectA Pteranodon sternbergi model. A very colourful replica of a Late Cretaceous pterosaur sometimes referred to as Geosternbergia.

CollectA Deluxe Pteranodon sternbergi in 1:20 Scale

The stunning CollectA Deluxe P. sternbergi figure is a replica of a pterosaur that was formally described in 1966, following the discovery of fragmentary fossil material in 1952. A broad crest suggests that this figure represents a male. The Pteranodon genus has been subject to much revision over recent years. Although, Pteranodon sternbergi fossils tend to be associated with older strata than Pteranodon longiceps material, their taxonomic relationship remains controversial. Some palaeontologists have proposed that P. sternbergi is sufficiently different from P. longiceps to warrant it being placed in it own genus – Geosternbergia. Whatever the phylogeny, this new for 2022 pterosaur figure with its articulated jaw is a welcome addition to the CollectA Deluxe range.

CollectA Deluxe 1:40 scale swimming Spinosaurus
The CollectA Deluxe swimming Spinosaurus in 1:40 scale (approximately).

CollectA Deluxe Swimming Spinosaurus in 1:40 Scale

The first batch of new CollectA models includes a dinosaur. The CollectA Deluxe swimming Spinosaurus is an updated version of the Prehistoric Life swimming Spinosaurus figure introduced in 2015 (100 years after Spinosaurus aegyptiacus was named and described) and recently retired.

In 2015, CollectA was the first toy company to make a model of S. aegyptiacus based on the comprehensive reassessment undertaken the previous year in a scientific paper entitled “Semiaquatic adaptations in a giant predatory dinosaur” (Ibrahim et al). In 2020, some of the research team behind this earlier paper examined Spinosaurus tail bones (caudal vertebrae) and concluded that this huge theropod had a tail well-adapted for propelling it through water. The new for CollectA 2022 Spinosaurus reflects this research. The model has been given a broad and very fin-like tail.

Commenting on the introduction of this new figure, model designer Anthony Beeson stated:

“In order to keep up with the science, we have now produced an updated deluxe model that incorporates the new information showing the deep, amphibian-style, tail that powered the animal while swimming. The Spinosaurus has a new colour scheme and an articulated jaw. I have retained the 2015 shape of the sail although some have cast doubts on it.”

CollectA Deluxe Paraceratherium Model
The new for 2022 CollectA Deluxe Paraceratherium model.

CollectA Deluxe Paraceratherium

The third model to be announced is an updated Paraceratherium replica, which replaces the original figure that was retired in 2019. The CollectA Deluxe Paraceratherium represents a male and it reflects recent research that suggests that it possessed a short, muscular proboscis, reminiscent to that of a modern tapir – to which it was very distantly related (member of the Perissodactyla – odd-toed ungulates).

The CollectA Deluxe Paraceratherium has a short trunk.
The new for 2022 CollectA Paraceratherium model has been given a short trunk (proboscis).

One of the largest land mammals known to science, analysis of cranial material suggests that this herbivore might have had a short trunk or a prehensile upper lip. The design team at CollectA have opted for the former. They have also given it patches of coarse hair a characteristic seen in some extant ungulates.

Although a giant (some specimens suggest a body weight of around 20 tonnes), the CollectA figure is quite lightly built and designer Anthony Beeson speculates that it probably wallowed in mud or indulged in dust baths to help control its body temperature.

When discussing the figure’s size, Anthony stated:

“The model’s size has had to be a compromise between what is suitable for display in shops and for manufacturing.”

Model Measurements

  • CollectA Deluxe 1:20 scale Pteranodon sternbergi with an articulated jaw – length 15 cm, height 13.5 cm.
  • The CollectA Deluxe 1:40 scale swimming Spinosaurus – length 37 cm, height of sail 11 cm.
  • CollectA Deluxe Paraceratherium – length 22 cm, height 14.7 cm.

These three figures are scheduled to be in stock at Everything Dinosaur in the early part of 2022. Given the current difficulties with logistics and global shipping, we are not able to give a precise date as to when these figures will be available. Team members will do all they can to update customers with regards to availability.

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