One of the benefits of working in the packing rooms at Everything Dinosaur sorting orders for customers and preparing parcels so that they can be sent out is that you get the opportunity to admire product packaging. Take for example, the clean lines of the Nanmu Studio Jurassic Series models, the artwork on the front of the boxes is most impressive. It also permits the size of the packaging and the size of the models contained therein to be compared.

Nanmu Studio theropod models
Four of the Nanmu Studio Jurassic Series theropods in stock at Everything Dinosaur. Spinosaurus Supplanter limited edition model (top), Giganotosaurus Behemoth tiger stripe (second top), Tyrannosaurus rex Alpha Green (bottom). Ceratosaurus Scavenger (right).

Comparing Product Packaging

The picture (above) shows four different Nanmu Studio theropod models. The limited edition Spinosaurus (Supplanter) is at the top, the Giganotosaurus Behemoth in the tiger stripe version is in the middle and the Nanmu Studio Jurassic Series Tyrannosaurus rex (Alpha Green) is closest to the camera. Model collectors do not often get the chance to see product packaging displayed in this way. The product on the right of the photograph is the Nanmu Studio Ceratosaurus (Scavenger), it is dwarfed by the other three boxes, but the Ceratosaurus packaging is over 33 cm long and the model inside measures over 30 cm in length and represents a 1/35th scale replica.

Nanmu Studio dinosaur model.
The Nanmu Studio Ceratosaurus (Scavenger) dinosaur model. The product packaging might be dwarfed by other Nanmu Studio theropod boxes, but the Ceratosaurus model is more than 30 cm in length and represents a dinosaur in 1:35 scale.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“Dinosaur fans and model collectors see lots of images of the actual products, but they do not see many pictures of the product packaging. Some of the designs and illustrations on the front of the box are a work of art in themselves. The detailed dinosaur illustrations on the Nanmu Studio Jurassic Series boxes are a lovely example of product packaging art.”

Everything Dinosaur is a legal importer of Nanmu Studio models for the UK. The company has also registered all the Nanmu Studio models that it stocks under the EU 2019/1020 market surveillance regulations so it can legally sell these figures in the European Economic Area.

To view the range of Nanmu Studio prehistoric animal figures available from Everything Dinosaur: Nanmu Studio Jurassic Series Models.

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