PNSO are to add an Olorotitan dinosaur model to the company’s popular mid-size model range. Ivan the Olorotitan will be in stock at Everything Dinosaur in a few weeks – approximately late October 2021.

PNSO Ivan the Olorotitan dinosaur model
The new for 2021 PNSO Ivan the Olorotitan dinosaur model.

PNSO Ivan the Olorotitan Dinosaur Model

It is fitting to give this wonderful hadrosaur figure the nickname of Ivan. As Olorotitan (O. arharensis), is synonymous with Russia. This lambeosaurine is known from the Late Maastrichtian Udurchukan Formation of the Amur River region in far eastern Russia. When it was excavated and prepared, the single specimen from which this genus was named, proved to be the most complete dinosaur discovered to date in Russia. Its fossilised remains represent the most complete lambeosaurine known from outside North America.

PNSO Ivan the Olorotitan posterior view.
The new for 2021 PNSO hadrosaur figure (Ivan the Olorotitan) in posterior view.

The PNSO Models Representing the Lambeosaurinae

PNSO have already introduced two duck-billed dinosaur figures, both of which depict North American lambeosaurines. Audrey the Lambeosaurus and Caroline the Corythosaurus were introduced in 2020, it is great to see another member of the Lambeosaurinae introduced to the PNSO mid-size model range. Olorotitan may have lived more recently than both Lambeosaurus and Corythosaurus (although it is believed to be closely related to Corythosaurus). The geological age of the beds from which the holotype fossil came from is disputed. Most palaeontologists agree that the strata were laid down during the Maastrichtian faunal stage, the last stage of the Cretaceous, but whether these rocks represent Early or Late Maastrichtian deposition is uncertain.

PNSO Olorotitan dinosaur model.
A close-up view of the magnificent head crest on the new for 2021 PNSO Olorotitan dinosaur model.

PNSO Olorotitan Model Measurements

The magnificent crest of the model stands some 14 cm off the ground and the model measures approximately 16.5 cm in length. Scientists are not sure how big this dinosaur was. Despite having a nearly complete skeleton to study, size estimates for Olorotitan vary considerably. Some palaeontologists, notably the American palaeontologist Thomas Holtz (University of Maryland), have claimed that Olorotitan could have been up to 12 metres long.

As with other PNSO models in their mid-size range, no scale for this figure is declared.

PNSO Ivan the Olorotitan model measurements.
The model stands 14 cm high and it measures approximately 16.5 cm in length.

A Transparent Support Stand

Olorotitan was very probably a facultative biped. It probably spent most of the time as a quadruped, but it could walk or run on just its back legs, should the need have arisen. The PNSO model is depicted in a bipedal pose, as if the dinosaur is scanning the horizon for any possible signs of danger. A transparent support stand is supplied with this figure to help stabilise it in this dynamic pose.

PNSO Olorotitan model is supplied with a support stand.
A transparent stand is supplied with the Olorotitan figure to help stabilise the model and permit this dinosaur to be displayed in a dynamic pose.

Ironically, although the strata associated with Olorotitan have produced abundant vertebrate fossils, including several hadrosaurs, turtles, crocodilians, evidence of titanosaurs and theropods, no carnivorous dinosaurs have been named to date from the Udurchukan Formation, although large tyrannosaurs were almost certainly present.

In Stock Soon at Everything Dinosaur

Ivan the Olorotitan was already being prepared for shipping to Everything Dinosaur, even before this figure was officially announced. This exciting new dinosaur model is likely to be in stock late October or possibly early November (2021).

PNSO Ivan the Olorotitan product packaging.
As with all the other models in the PNSO mid-size model range, the clean lines of the packaging are to be admired.

To view the range of PNSO models and figures in stock: PNSO Age of Dinosaurs.

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