Everything Dinosaur team members were sent a copy of a new dinosaur book that is due to be published this autumn. The book entitled “Dinosaurs – New Visions of a Lost World” is written by Professor Michael Benton of the School of Earth Sciences at the University of Bristol, a highly respected palaeontologist and author of numerous books about prehistoric animals.

There are over 150 full colour illustrations, including beautiful artwork from renowned palaeoartist Bob Nicholls.

Dinosaurs - Visions of a Lost World book
Everything Dinosaur has received an inspection copy of a new book written by Professor Michael J. Benton and illustrated by Bob Nicholls. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Changing Perceptions About the Dinosauria

This stunning publication aims to change perceptions about the Dinosauria. Each chapter focuses on a different prehistoric animal. The book should perhaps be called “Prehistoric Animals – New Visions of a Lost World”. There are many dinosaurs featured – Sinosauropteryx, Anchiornis, Psittacosaurus, Edmontosaurus, however, the book also features the marine reptile Stenopterygius, the Early Cretaceous mammal Eomaia and the spectacular pterosaur Tupandactylus.

Psittacosaurus model in the Bristol Botanic Garden.
Psittacosaurus photographed in the Bristol Botanic Garden. The model was created by Bob Nicholls who is responsible for the majority of the illustrations in the book “Dinosaurs – New Visions of a Lost World”. Picture credit: Jakob Vinther.

Looking Forward to Reviewing “Dinosaurs – New Visions of a Lost World”

Professor Benton examines some of the technological breakthroughs that have shed new light on the world of the dinosaurs. He demonstrates how rapid advances in technology and astonishing new fossil finds have changed our understanding about the Dinosauria. Team members are looking forward to providing a detailed review of this cleverly conceived publication.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur stated:

We have been looking forward to getting hold of a copy of this book, each chapter examines one particular genus of prehistoric animal and includes a specially commissioned illustration from Bob Nicholls. Professor Benton’s text and the illustrations by Bob Nicholls are a winning combination.”

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