Golden Rat Lucky Charm Giveaway with Everything Dinosaur

Things might be a little difficult right now due to the coronavirus outbreak, but team members at Everything Dinosaur are determined to keep cheerful and are trying to spread a little joy and happiness in these challenging times.  Take for example, an initiative started this week to include a Mojo Fun golden rat lucky charm as a free gift to one Everything Dinosaur customer each day.

The Beautiful Mojo Fun Golden Rat Lucky Charm Key Ring

Mojo Fun lucky charm key ring - golden rat.

The beautiful Mojo Fun lucky charm rat key ring.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur Giving Away Mojo Fun Golden Rat Lucky Charms

In the Chinese lunar calendar, the year 2020 is the year of rat.  The rat in the Chinese zodiac is seen as a sign of surplus, good prospects and wealth.  The rat is strongly linked to the family in Chinese culture (a consequence of this rodent’s ability to breed rapidly), rats are seen as successful, adaptable but happy to lead a quiet, peaceful existence.

Each year for the past few years, Mojo Fun has produced a special, limited edition replica of the animal represented by the new Chinese year.  These figures are highly prized and difficult to obtain, but at Everything Dinosaur, we have decided to include one of these beautiful models in a parcel every day until our stock runs out.

Everything Dinosaur Giving Away Lucky Charms

Everything Dinosaur lucky charm giveaway.

Everything Dinosaur is giving away a golden rat lucky charm key ring to one customer every day until the stock runs out.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We had intended to give away these stunning little models once the new for 2020 Mojo Fun prehistoric animal models arrived, but due to the coronavirus outbreak, these models, like a lot of other items have been delayed.  So, we thought we would cheer everybody up by sending one of these special figures out to a customer every day for as long as our stocks last.  For us, it’s all about spreading a little happiness and joy at this difficult time.”

Take a Photograph – Share the Smile!

In addition, we are asking all those customers who receive a golden rat, to take a picture of their lucky charm next to their purchases from Everything Dinosaur.  If they email the picture to us, we will then post it up onto our social media pages so that we can share the joy a little.

Take a Photograph of Your Gift Next to the Items from Everything Dinosaur – Share the Smile

Everything Dinosaur giving away Mojo Fun golden rat key rings.

Everything Dinosaur giving away Mojo Fun golden rat lucky charms.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

As a valued customer, we hope this gift brings a little happiness and we have asked recipients to take a picture of their gift alongside the prehistoric animals purchased from Everything Dinosaur.  If the photograph is then emailed to us, we will post the picture up onto our social media pages so that everyone can share in the fun.

To view the Mojo Fun range of prehistoric animal models and replicas available from Everything Dinosaur: Mojo Fun Prehistoric and Extinct Model Range.

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