Colourful Cretaceous-themed Seasonal Gift

During our many visits to schools to deliver dinosaur and fossil themed workshops, we are constantly amazed at the creativity of the teaching teams and the schoolchildren.  As the autumn term draws to a close we know that this time of year is exceptionally busy for schools.  With Christmas just around the corner and many schools due to break up for the holidays in the next few days or so, there is so much still to do.  Plus, of course there is all the planning for the scheme of work for the next term to complete.

A Sesonal Dinosaur Gift

We know from our bulging mail bag and congested email inbox that lesson plan preparation and topic area research are well underway in schools as dedicated teaching teams and their senior leadership finalise plans for spring.

We were surprised therefore to receive this thoughtful seasonal gift in the post.  A very creative idea, a set of window stickers for our office with a dinosaur theme.

A Creative and Seasonal Gift for our Dinosaur Experts

A seasonal decoration with a dinosaur theme - a festive T. rex.
A seasonal decoration with a dinosaur theme. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

There are so many inspirational and clever teachers in schools.  We get to work with some extraordinary and very talented people.  This certainly is a very colourful and creative gift, which our dinosaur experts greatly appreciate.

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