Dinosaurs Help with Sentence Construction

A team member from Everything Dinosaur spotted this innovative approach to teaching Key Stage 1 children the rudiments of sentence construction whilst on a visit to the school to conduct a dinosaur and fossil themed workshop.  In order to help the Year 1 children to understand how sentences are formed, the teacher had drawn a dinosaur and asked the children to describe it.  The adjectives the class came up with when they viewed the drawing were recorded and then these adjectives were used to construct a sentence.

Dinosaurs Help with Sentence Construction

Sentence construction in Lower Key Stage 1.

Looking at sentence construction in Lower Key Stage 1.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

We are not quite sure what the genus the dinosaur illustration represents, perhaps it is one that has yet to be formally scientifically described.  That’s not the point, when it came to using adjectives the spotty dinosaur provided the class with plenty of opportunities to come with lots of “describing words”.

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