Greenhill Primary Palaeontologists

Children in Year 1 at Greenhill Primary (Bury, Greater Manchester), have been busy learning all about dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals this term.  A team member was given the opportunity to visit the school to work with the eager, young palaeontologists over the course of the morning.  The first part of the session was based in the spacious hall, the second part of the workshop, which involved dinosaur footprint measuring and finding fossils, took place in the well-appointed and very tidy classroom.

Year 1 Children Had Created a Play Area for Their Dinosaurs

Year 1 children explore what dinosaurs need to keep them safe and happy.

Year 1 children at Greenhill Primary have created a play area for their dinosaurs.  A great way to explore the property of materials.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

As an extension exercise, our dinosaur expert challenged the children to draw a dinosaur and to label its body parts including the skull.  During the wet play, Nayaab drew and labelled a beautiful pink and blue dinosaur which was then presented to Everything Dinosaur at the conclusion of the morning’s activities.

Drawing and Labelling a Dinosaur

Drawing and labelling a pink and blue dinosaur.

Drawing and labelling a dinosaur.

Picture Credit: Nayaab

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