New CollectA Models 2019 (Part 1)

At this time of year, our friends at CollectA give Everything Dinosaur official clearance to publish information and pictures on the new for 2019 CollectA prehistoric animal models.  Working closely with this manufacturer, we intend to put up a series of posts over the next few weeks informing dinosaur fans and figure collectors about what they have to look forward to in terms of new model introductions.

CollectA Prehistoric Animal Models

The first three we can announce are:

  • A Caiuajara pterosaur model with a moveable jaw (CollectA Supreme Deluxe range) – available first quarter 2019.
  • A Borealopelta armoured dinosaur model (CollectA The Age of Dinosaurs Popular range) – available first quarter 2019.
  • A CollectA box of mini prehistoric animals (prehistoric mammals, a “terror bird” and Estemmenosuchus – available first quarter 2019.

CollectA Borealopelta Model

CollectA will be adding another armoured dinosaur replica to their excellent not-to-scale range of dinosaur figures, a model of the Canadian nodosaurid Borealopelta (B. markmitchelli).

The CollectA Borealopelta Dinosaur Model

CollectA Borealopelta dinosaur model.
The Age of Dinosaurs Popular – CollectA Borealopelta.

Picture credit: CollectA

Borealopelta was officially named and described only last year, but this remarkable fossil was actually found back in 2011.   It took the team of dedicated preparators more than five and half years to separate this 5.5 metre long giant from its fossil matrix.   The lead preparator and one of the most patient people on the planet, was Mark Mitchell and the species name honours his efforts in the restoration and preparation of one of the most perfectly preserved large dinosaur specimens ever discovered.

An Early Cretaceous Nodosaurid

The CollectA figure accurately portrays this Early Cretaceous nodosaurid, the reddish/brown colouration and the presence of counter-shading reflects the conclusions drawn from a scientific paper describing the exquisite details of the armour published in August 2017.

The fossil, found at the Suncor Millennium Mine in north-eastern Alberta, was so well-preserved that the armoured scales and plates were in their original position.  Small amounts of keratin that would have covered the spikes and skin was detected.  The CollectA design team have done their own restoration work on this model.  They modelled this figure to match the position of the fossil in situ and restored the missing pelvic area, which was unfortunately destroyed when a digger at the mine first broke into the block of stone that held the specimen.

CollectA Supreme Deluxe Caiuajara

Large pterosaur models are becoming a bit of a CollectA speciality.  Joining the large Dimorphodon and Guidraco figures will be a beautiful and very colourful model of a Brazilian flying reptile – Caiuajara.  The genus name is pronounced “Kay-you-ah-jar-rah”.

The New for 2019 CollectA Supreme Deluxe Caiuajara Pterosaur Model

CollectA Deluxe Caiuajara with moveable jaw.
The Age of Dinosaurs Deluxe Caiuajara pterosaur figure with a moveable jaw.

Picture credit: CollectA

Pterosaur Fossils from Brazil

Most pterosaur fossils associated with Brazil come from the north-eastern part of the country, but Caiuajara comes from southern Brazil (Paraná State).  It is a member of the Tapejaridae family and like most tapejarids it had a very flamboyant crest.  Both males and females sported crests, although it is thought that it was the males that tended to have the larger and more spectacular head ornamentation.  The team at CollectA have provided their model with a vivid crest, complete with an eye-spot.  Most palaeontologists believe that these crests were used in displays, so as far as a pterosaur is concerned, the flashier the crest the better.  Like the other CollectA supreme pterosaur models, this figure is depicted on the ground.

Hundreds of fossils of Caiuajara have been discovered, all from the same locality.  The first fossil discoveries were reported in 1971 but a formal analysis and scientific description was only completed in 2014.  The remains are found in a series of sandstone layers that represent an arid area adjacent to a lake.  The majority of the bones come from sub-adults and juveniles, palaeontologists have speculated that this was a colony and that these flying reptiles were highly social.

The Designer Comments about CollectA Prehistoric Animal Models

Model designer Anthony Beeson commented:

“The Brazilian taperjarid Caiuajara has been requested by a number of CollectA fans and we were happy to oblige.  He is in the Supreme range for scale and has a moveable jaw.  I chose to portray a fully grown adult because the head-crest was then at its most extreme.  The head-crest seemed to need a striking decoration if it was to be used for species recognition or mating ritual, so I have given him a false eye decoration.”

Intriguingly, when the scientific paper describing Caiuajara (C. dobruskii) was published, the authors postulated, that the fossil site represented a staging post on a migration route for these pterosaurs.  Expect this excellent CollectA Caiuajara to be migrating into Everything Dinosaur’s warehouse in the spring of 2019.

CollectA Box of Mini Prehistoric Animal Models

The third and final item to be announced this week is a box of mini prehistoric animals.

CollectA Mini Prehistoric Animals

The CollectA Box of Mini Prehistoric Animals (2019)
The CollectA box of mini prehistoric animal models which is going to be available in 2019. Twelve prehistoric animal models.

Picture credit: CollectA

This skilfully crafted set of mini figures features replicas of prehistoric animals already represented in the CollectA range termed “other prehistoric animals”.  There are twelve figures in the set namely: Moropus, Deinotherium, Woolly Mammoth, Paraceratherium, Kelenken (terror bird), Uintatherium, Estemmenosuchus, Daeodon, Andrewsarchus, Arsinoitherium, Smilodon and Megacerops.  CollectA have built up a strong reputation for the prehistoric mammal figures and it is great to see a mini set of these models introduced.

To view the current range of CollectA “Prehistoric Life” figures: CollectA Prehistoric Life.

For the CollectA Deluxe scale models: CollectA Deluxe Scale Models and Figures.

To read an article describing the amazing preservation of the Borealopelta fossil: Amazing Armoured Dinosaur Fossil Reveals Camouflage and Shading.

For an article outlining the discovery of the tapejarid Caiuajara: New Species of Flying Reptile from a Pterosaur Graveyard.

Model Measurements

  • CollectA Supreme Deluxe Caiuajara with moveable jaw length = 19 cm, height = 23.5 cm.
  • The CollectA Age of Dinosaurs Borealopelta length = 15 cm, height = 4.5 cm.
  • CollectA Box of Mini Prehistoric Animals – models measure around 3 cm long with some models up to 4.2 cm in height.

Visit the Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.

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