Lots of Teachers Already Preparing for the New Academic Year

For many schools in England and Wales, the long summer holidays are about to start.  Although many teaching staff will be taking a deserved vacation, we note from the number of emails, phone calls and general enquiries that we have received that lots of dedicated teaching professionals are well advanced with their planning for the start of the next academic year.  September will soon come around and teachers supported by teaching assistants and other learning support providers will be busying themselves making preparations for the challenges that a new academic year brings.  From the enquiries that we have received so far this month, it seems that the Cornerstones Curriculum “Dinosaur Planet” and the term topic “Jurassic Forest” are going to be popular choices when it comes to Key Stage 1 and Reception term topics.

Lots of Schools are Planning Term Topics Focused Around Dinosaurs and Fossils

Teaching about life in the past in schools.

Children love dinosaurs, use them as they are a great educational resource.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Preparing Prehistoric Themed Schemes of Work

As always, our dedicated teaching team are on hand to provide advice and assistance.  There are numerous downloadable resources available from Everything Dinosaur’s dedicated teaching website, all provided free of charge.  Our handy lesson plans, resource packs, teaching suggestions and information sheets have been downloaded by teachers, educationalists, museums and other institutions hundreds of times.  We are happy to help and we get a large amount of emails from teachers asking for specific information, these are all responded to and we do our best to assist and advise where we can.

Lesson Plans Helped to Inspire a Poster Making Exercise

Dinosaur poster inspired by Everything Dinosaur.

Poster making – a great way to check learning and factual recall.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaur Workshops in Schools

Our dinosaur and fossil workshops in schools are booking up fast, we already have bookings for the summer term of 2019 and enquiries for the 2019/20 academic year.  We conduct a lot of work with schools and our workshops are built around curriculum teaching aims and objectives including developing writing skills, aiding literacy, exploring ideas, problem solving, working scientifically, building confidence and encouraging an understanding of materials and the wider world.  There is certainly a big “wow” factor with a visit from ourselves but everything we do attempts to reinforce learning and help achieve the teaching outcomes required by the school.  Dinosaurs as a teaching theme lends itself to all sorts of ideas and extension activities and we often provide additional resources to help support the school’s scheme of work.

For further information about our dinosaur workshops in schools and to request a quotation: Dinosaur Workshops in School

Our hard-working team members will do all they can to accommodate teaching needs, but, spaces are getting booked up fast.

Thank You Letters Received After Another Successful Dinosaur Workshop

Letters from dinosaur fans.

Letters from young dinosaur fans sent in after a dinosaur workshop in school.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

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