A Red Dimetrodon

Whilst tidying up one of the office book shelves we came across this wonderful drawing of the Permian reptile Dimetrodon.  It had been sent into us by a young dinosaur fan who lives in Lancashire.  It just goes to show that Everything Dinosaur also receives drawings and illustrations of other prehistoric animals, not just dinosaurs.

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A Very Colourful Dimetrodon Drawing

Dimetrodon drawing.
A drawing of a Dimetrodon.  Another example of a non-dinosaurian illustration having been sent in to Everything Dinosaur.


Most budding, young palaeontologists will tell you all about Dimetrodon, a genus of pelycosaur that evolved during the Permian period and died out many millions of years before the first dinosaurs.  Although, not a member of the Dinosauria, this sail-backed reptile is synonymous with the likes of Triceratops, Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex and often features in so-called “dinosaur model” sets.

Our thanks to the young palaeoartist who sent this drawing in, it certainly helped to brighten our day.

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