New Papo and Prehistoric Animal Model Retirements

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Papo New Releases and Retirements (Les Dinosaures)

Just arrived at Everything Dinosaur, a limited edition Papo gift box dinosaur model set.  This Papo special edition gift box features two dinosaurs, a Papo juvenile Spinosaurus and a Papo Ceratosaurus.  The Papo Juvenile Spinosaurus is a new figure, Everything Dinosaur team members saw this model around twelve months ago, it is not known whether this super Spinosaurus will be available as an individual model in 2018.

The Papo Juvenile Spinosaurus and the Papo Ceratosaurus Special Edition Gift Box

Papo juvenile Spinosaurus and the Papo Ceratosaurus special edition gift box.  Papo dinosaur models.

The Papo juvenile Spinosaurus and the Papo Ceratosaurus gift box.

Papo Juvenile Spinosaurus (Papo Dinosaur Models)

The Papo juvenile Spinosaurus measures eighteen centimetres in length and like the similarly sized Ceratosaurus, it has an articulated lower jaw.  The skull and body proportions have been skilfully modelled by the Papo design team and this figure does look like a young animal.  The sail on the back is not quite as pronounced as it is in the Papo adult Spinosaurus replica and the paint scheme on the juvenile Spinosaurus is exquisite.  This pair of models are offered for sale in a special presentation gift box, or as the French would say “offre speciale”.

The Papo Juvenile Spinosaurus Model

Papo Juvenile Spinosaurus.

The Papo juvenile Spinosaurus.

The Papo range of prehistoric animal figures can be found here: Papo Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Models.

Papo Prehistoric Animal Model Retirements

There are going to be several models retired from the Papo “Les Dinosaures” range in 2018.  The Papo Pachyrhinosaurus figure, the Papo Baby Woolly Mammoth model and the baby brown T. rex are out of production and no more of these figures will be made, according to sources close to Everything Dinosaur.

Proposed Papo Model Retirements in 2018

Papo models due to retire in 2018.

A trio of Papo figures.  The Papo Pachyrhinosaurus, Baby Woolly Mammoth and the Baby Brown T. rex are due to be retired in 2018.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Papo baby Woolly Mammoth and the baby brown Tyrannosaurus rex figures were introduced into the model range in 2012.  Originally, there were two baby T. rex figures, however, the green variant was retired some years ago.  As for the Papo juvenile Woolly Mammoth, as far as Everything Dinosaur team members are aware, this model will continue to be made next year.  It is the Papo baby Woolly Mammoth that is becoming extinct.

It is also sad to see the retirement of the Papo Pachyrhinosaurus figure.  This horned dinosaur model has proved to be very popular amongst Papo collectors.  The Papo Pachyrhinosaurus was introduced in 2010, within the Papo range there are still two ceratopsians, naturally there is a Triceratops (adult and young), plus a brightly coloured Styracosaurus.

The Papo Pachyrhinosaurus is Being Retired

Papo Pachyrhinosaurus dinosaur model.

The Papo Pachyrhinosaurus dinosaur model.

Announcing Papo Model Retirements

All three of the retired models are still available from Everything Dinosaur, whilst stocks last.  The Papo prehistoric animal range can be viewed here: Papo Prehistoric Animals.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We are delighted to see this special edition box set and the juvenile Spinosaurus is a very welcome addition to the Papo model portfolio.  We don’t know whether this model will be available as an individual piece but we have lobbied the senior management of Papo about this, however, no decision as to its future has been made.  Providing information on model retirements allows collectors and dinosaur fans to snap up any models before they become rare and start to sell on auction sites for silly prices.  There are some exciting new models from Papo coming next year and when we have permission to talk about them and show pictures we will post them up.”

Visit the Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.