Rebor “Crimson King” Carnotaurus Model Reviewed

Rebor’s latest addition to their 1:35 scale model range is the “Crimson King”, a replica of Carnotaurus (C. sastrei), a large carnivorous dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous of Argentina.  The model has an articulated lower jaw and is supplied with its own base, a representation of a lava field.

The Rebor Carnotaurus Figure “Crimson King”

The Rebor Carnotaurus dinosaur model.

The Rebor Carnotaurus dinosaur model “Crimson King”.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Abelisaurids versus Tyrannosaurids

Carnotaurus is a member of the dinosaur family called the Abelisauridae.  In fact, it was the discovery of the Carnotaurus holotype material, a partial skeleton of a single individual that led to the reaffirmation of this new dinosaur family.  South American scientists, trying to build up their knowledge about strange Upper Cretaceous carnivorous dinosaurs of Argentina had not discovered anything like Carnotaurus before, so this thin-snouted, lightly built, horned carnivore was assigned to its own unique Theropod family along with Abelisaurus (A. comahuensis).  Since then, a number of abelisaurids have been described from Africa, including Madagascar, elsewhere in South America and also, potentially from Europe (Tarascosaurus).  In general terms, towards the end of the Cretaceous, the tyrannosaurids were the dominant, apex predators in the northern hemisphere, whereas in the southern hemisphere, it seems to have been the Abelisauridae that held sway.

Rebor are to be congratulated for introducing another type of Theropod dinosaur into their scale model range.  The head is quite beautifully painted and there are lots of details to admire.  The jaw can be a little difficult to open, but a quick “dunk” in a cup of hot water should heat up the plastic enough to allow free movement.  Once the jaw is opened that marvellous painted tongue can be seen.  It reminds us of the tongue of a lizard.

A Close View of the Head and Jaws of the Rebor Carnotaurus Model

The Rebor Carnotaurus dinosaur model.

The Rebor “Crimson King” Carnotaurus replica.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

In the picture above, you can clearly make out the horns over the eye-socket, the anatomical feature that was the inspiration for the Carnotaurus genus name – “meat-eating bull”.  As with Rebor, the skull has some lovely details and we like the skin texture, after all, the original Carnotaurus fossil material had skin impressions associated with it.

To view the entire Rebor model range, including the “Crimson King” dinosaur model: Rebor Prehistoric Animal Replicas

Wonderful Skin Texture on the Rebor Model

A lot of care has gone into the sculpting of this dinosaur model.  The skin impressions found indicate that this dinosaur had a scaly skin, covered in irregular scales, Rebor has taken considerable care to reproduce an appropriate skin tone and texture.

A Close View of the Tail of the Rebor Carnotaurus

The tail of the Rebor Carnotaurus.

The Rebor “Crimson King” tail (right lateral view).

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Fast Theropod

Research undertaken (Currie and Persons, 2011), suggests that the tail was adapted to permit a larger, more powerful musculature than that found in other equally sized Theropods.  This built on earlier research which looked at the biomechanics of the Carnotaurus hind limbs.  These studies support the idea that this dinosaur was a fast runner, perhaps capable of bursts of speed in excess of fifty kilometres an hour (thirty mph).  The legs of this Rebor replica certainly look powerful and the model is very stable on its well sculpted toes.

A Lean and Powerful Apex Predator (Carnotaurus sastrei)

Rebor Carnotaurus dinosaur model the "Crimson King".

Rebor Carnotaurus.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Rebor “Crimson King” is a very welcome addition to the range of Rebor prehistoric animal replicas.  It is often the little details that impress the team members here at Everything Dinosaur.  For example, on the base there is an illustration of the skeleton of Carnotaurus.   The cervical vertebrae are beautifully drawn.   It is these little touches that endears the Rebor range to dinosaur fans and model collectors alike.

The Base of the Rebor Carnotaurus Dinosaur Model (“Crimson King”)

The base of the Rebor "Crimson King".

The base of the Rebor Carnotaurus replica with a geological ruler to provide scale.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

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