Everything Dinosaur Newsletter Features Rebor Carnotaurus

The latest Everything Dinosaur newsletter features the newly arrived, magnificent Rebor Carnotaurus (C. sastrei), 1:35 scale replica.  As soon as stock of this new Rebor replica arrived at our warehouse, we were able to send out a newsletter to our customers informing them that this new addition to the Rebor model range was available.

The Rebor Carnotaurus Dinosaur Model Grabs the Headlines

The Rebor "Crimson King" Carnotaurus model.

Introducing the Rebor “Crimson King” Carnotaurus replica.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Rebor’s prehistoric animal model range goes from strength to strength and we know that this theropod model has been eagerly anticipated.  Fortunately, for Everything Dinosaur customers, they were able to reserve a replica to ensure that collectors did not miss out.  With its articulated lower jaw, great design and beautifully detailed “lava field” model base, the Rebor “Crimson King” is bound to become a firm favourite amongst dinosaur model fans.

The Rebor Carnotaurus Replica “Crimson King”

Rebor Carnotaurus replica.

The Rebor “Crimson King” Carnotaurus replica.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view the range of Rebor replicas in stock at Everything Dinosaur including the new Rebor “Crimson King” Carnotaurus figure: Rebor Replicas.

Rebor Limited Edition Velociraptors and Natural History Museum Dinosaurs

In the latest Everything Dinosaur customer newsletter, details are provided as to how readers can get their hands on a limited edition set of Rebor Velociraptor figures – the “Winston and Stan” model set in the bronze effect finish.  In addition, updates on the availability of the Natural History Museum dinosaur models are given.  With prices starting from around £4.99 plus post and packing (June 2017), these replicas represent excellent value for money.

The Everything Dinosaur Customer Newsletter

Natural History Museum dinosaurs and Rebor replicas.

Rebor limited edition Velociraptor models and Natural History Museum dinosaurs.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Mojo Fun Stegosaurus

Sales of Mojo Fun models in the “Prehistoric & Extinct” range remain strong.  This range was added to Everything Dinosaur’s portfolio a few weeks ago and since all the Mojo Fun models in this range are stocked, collectors have been able to acquire those figures that had been missing from their collections.  Furthermore, many existing Everything Dinosaur customers who had not purchased this range before have been snapping them up, including the beautiful Mojo Fun Stegosaurus model.

Mojo Fun Models and Pegasus Kits

Pegasus dinosaur kits and Mojo Fun models.

Mojo Fun and Pegasus dinosaur kits.

Picture credit Everything Dinosaur

The newsletter also gave us the opportunity to update subscribers with regards to the current availability of the much-loved Pegasus kits.  The Spinosaurus and the Triceratops kits are currently in stock.

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