Egerton Primary School Reception Class Study Dinosaurs

Last month, a team member from Everything Dinosaur visited the Reception class at Egerton Primary to conduct a dinosaur and fossil themed workshop in support of the children’s term topic all about dinosaurs.    The children have been loving learning all about prehistoric animals and working out which ones were carnivores and which ones were herbivores.  Lots of fun activities linked to personal development and gaining confidence with reading and writing have been incorporated into the exciting scheme of work by the dedicated teaching team.

As part of the extension activities that came out of the workshop, the Reception class were challenged to write in to thank us for visiting their school and a couple of days ago, we received in the post a big envelope filled with the children’s letters as well as some very colourful dinosaur drawings.

The Letters and Drawings from the Reception Class (Egerton Primary)


Picture Credit: Egerton Primary School/Everything Dinosaur

We took a photograph of the letters and drawings and tweeted about the children’s work.  We made sure to copy in the school’s Twitter feed.  The children had taken great care over the letter writing exercise, lots of great finger spacing, confident shaping of letters and the children kept their words on the lines, which when you are just five years of age, is a great achievement.

Well done the Reception class at Egerton Primary.

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