Milk Carton to Woolly Mammoth

For teachers, museum staff and home educationalists, here is a simple craft idea to make a Woolly Mammoth model.  This could prove to be very useful when thinking of extension ideas to support teaching about the Stone Age or prehistoric mammals.  A milk carton can be used to make a Woolly Mammoth model.

Make Your Own Woolly Mammoth Models Using Milk Cartons

Build a Woolly Mammoth from a milk carton.

Make your own Woolly Mammoth family.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Ideal for Upper KS1 or Lower KS2

Using just a few basic school resources, all of which are readily available in the average classroom, a milk carton can be used to make a Woolly Mammoth model.  This craft idea is a great way to help support cross curricular activities.

What You Will Need

  • Scissors (round ended ones would be best)
  • A selection of empty milk cartons (washed out)
  • White card or paper
  • Paints
  • Pencil and a black pen to help draw out the shapes to be cut out of the milk carton

Carefully cut the milk carton in half, using the handle as a guide.  The handle will make the trunk of the Mammoth so cut the handle first than cut around the rest of the carton.  Then trim the base of the milk carton so that the base is a good two centimetres deeper than the trunk.  This will ensure that the Mammoth’s trunk will be raised off the floor.

The Milk Carton Mammoth Begins to Take Shape

The milk carton Mammoth takes shape.

Taking shape, the milk carton Woolly Mammoth model.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Cut two tongue-shaped slots on each side of the carton, these will make the legs.  Use a pencil to sketch out where the cuts will be made and then go over the pencil line with a black marker pen to give you a distinctive line to follow.  Cut a third tongue-shaped slot on the back of the carton, this will help to form the back legs.  Add the tail by cutting a small “V” shape at the top of this slot, you can then bend this plastic out to make the Woolly Mammoth’s stumpy tail, but watch for sharp edges.

Paint your Woolly Mammoth model, mark in the five toe nails per foot, outline the small ears (an adaptation to the cold) and add the eyes.

Build Your Own Herd of Prehistoric Woolly Mammoths

The finished Woolly Mammoth model.

Make a hole either side of the trunk and poke in some white card or paper to make the tusks.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Make a small hole either side of the trunk and push some white card or paper into the hole to form the pair of tusks.  Bend the tip of the tusks upwards so that they resemble the tusks of this Ice Age elephant.  Different sized milk cartons can be used to make different sized Woolly Mammoths, such as the adult and young pictured above.

For dinosaur and prehistoric animal resources for schools, including fossil sets and dinosaur models: Everything Dinosaur Teaching Resources

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