Answering Questions About Dinosaurs

Another busy day yesterday for the teaching team at Everything Dinosaur.  One of our dinosaur and fossil experts had been invited into Astbury St Mary’s Church of England Primary to work with the Reception class who had just started studying dinosaurs, the children’s first ever term topic.  The impressive dinosaur museum already had a number of very colourful exhibits and we were able to suggest a dinosaur sorting game helping the children work out which dinosaurs were plant-eaters and which were meat-eaters.

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Our suggestion was certainly well received by the class teacher, she incorporated our idea into her teaching activities for the afternoon.  We even got the chance to see the outcome of this activity as a short post about the children’s sorting fun was posted on the school blog.

Most of the Dinosaurs Had Plants in their Diet

Dinosaurs carnivores or herbivores.

Proportion of plant-eaters to meat-eaters in the Dinosauria.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Questions About Dinosaurs

Prior to our visit the Reception class children were challenged to come up with some questions about dinosaurs that they wanted to learn the answers to.  The questions that the children came up with were then posted up onto one of the display walls in the well-appointed and spacious class room.

Children Compose Questions about Dinosaurs

Praise for Everything Dinosaur.

Brainstorming dinosaurs with a class of school children.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Lots of questions and to be perfectly honest, most of them we had encountered before, but one question really floored us, Jude wanted to know did dinosaurs have phones?  What a wonderful, imaginative question.  The Reception children certainly had a great time exploring dinosaurs.

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