Forden Church in Wales School Send in Letters

Following our morning of dinosaur workshops with Year 1 children at Forden Church in Wales School, we challenged the Year 1 children to write in to Everything Dinosaur to tell us about what they have learned and what their favourite part of the workshop was.  We received a lovely set of thank you letters from the class.

Jessica Sent Everything Dinosaur a Thank You Letter

A thank you note to Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Forden Church in Wales School (Arthur)

Arthur wrote in to say that he enjoyed holding the fossils.  We loved the Tyrannosaurus rex model that Arthur chose to illustrate his thank you letter with.  Jack liked learning new words, he now knows where on a dinosaur is the skull.  Can he point to his own skull?  Now that’s a good test for a budding scientist.

Visit the Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.

Hollie Wrote to Everything Dinosaur

Thank you after the dinosaur workshop.

A thank you letter from Hollie.

Picture credit: Forden Church in Wales School (Jack)

Writing Extension Activity from Everything Dinosaur

Mrs Davies (class teacher) explained:

“Year 1 children have written to thank you for the fabulous morning you shared with us.  They have been learning how to take photographs on the iPad and import them into a different document.  We hope you enjoy reading them.”

We certainly enjoyed all the letters that we received from Forden Church in Wales School, our dinosaur and fossil experts tend to get a lot of correspondence from schools and we enjoy reading them all.  Chloe chose to illustrate her typed letter with a Stegosaurus, she thanked us for letting her hold the fossils and she liked learning about the dinosaur skull.

Thank You Letters from Schoolchildren

In Jodie’s letter she explained how much she enjoyed taking part in the activities and that she had been amazed by how cold some fossils can feel.  In our dinosaur and fossil themed workshop we made sure that there were lots of opportunities for the budding young palaeontologists to handle fossils, even some gigantic ones!

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A big thank you from Everything Dinosaur to the children in class 1 (Faye, Logan, Ellie, Evan, William, Hollie, Jessica, Arthur, Jack, Chloe and Jodie) for sending in such super letters.