Year 1 at Camelot Primary Study Dinosaurs

It was a busy day for Everything Dinosaur yesterday, as one of the team members visited Camelot Primary School (part of the Mayflower Federation), Peckham, London to work with the Year 1 classes which had been learning all about dinosaurs and fossils.  Under the tutelage of the enthusiastic teaching team, the children had produced some wonderful examples of writing and some very colourful dinosaur themed artwork.  Sun class had been making dinosaur footprints and decorating them, these were on display just outside the well-organised and tidy classroom.

Dinosaur Footprints on Display

Learn about dinosaurs and dinosaur footprints.

Dinosaur footprints and learning about dinosaurs. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Camelot Primary School/Everything Dinosaur

The dinosaur footprint extension activity that our fossil expert had brought with them should help the children appreciate the size and scale of the feet of some dinosaurs.  The extension activity provides the teaching team with an opportunity to help reinforce confidence with numbers and simple subtraction.  Another extension activity that Everything Dinosaur provided involves a very novel method of measuring the length of some dinosaurs.  This should prove to be quite a visual learning experience for the budding palaeontologists in the three Year 1 classes (Sun, Apollo and Moon).

Let’s Learn About Dinosaurs

One of the “pinkie palaeontologist challenges” set involved measuring the size of Tyrannosaurus rex.  Can the children work together to make an accurate measurement of this fearsome dinosaur?

Tyrannosaurus rex is certainly a very popular dinosaur with the children.  Miss Driver (teacher of Sun class), explained that for the children’s half-term work they had been asked to create a model or a drawing of their favourite dinosaur.  The class had created some wonderful prehistoric animals.  One young dinosaur fan, Zayne, had made a fantastic model of the “King of the Tyrant Lizards”.  Well done Zayne!

Zayne’s Super Dinosaur Model (Tyrannosaurus rex)

Let us learn about dinosaurs.

Zayne’s wonderful Tyrannosaurus rex model. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Camelot Primary School

To learn more about the team members at Everything Dinosaur: About Everything Dinosaur.

This is a very creative dinosaur model.  We particularly like the way that Zayne had used white triangles for the teeth of this famous, meat-eating dinosaur.

In what was a very busy morning, we challenged the Year 1 children to produce a piece of dinosaur themed artwork, but this time, could they add labels to it naming the various features of their dinosaur?  In addition, could the class think of some wonderful adjectives which could describe the dinosaur that they had created?

Children in Year 1 at Camelot Primary School  certainly enjoyed the dinosaur workshops delivered by Everything Dinosaur.

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