School Children Study Dinosaurs with a Literacy Focus

Pupils at Kingswood Primary Academy got to grips with dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals in a two-week long fossil themed summer school aimed at helping the children to improve their reading and writing skills.  The teaching experts at Everything Dinosaur were invited to take part helping to inspire and enthuse the pupils.  The ages of the children participating ranged from seven years to eleven years of age, the newspapers that they produced at the end of the fortnight which detailed their dinosaur discoveries were very professionally produced.

Dinosaur Summer School

The fossils and other objects that Everything Dinosaur brought to the school proved to be very effective teaching aids and the children loved “picking the brains” of our dinosaur experts and showing off their writing.  The fossil hunt organised for the second week of study was especially popular with the school children able to take home the fossils they had found.  The fossils were donated by Everything Dinosaur and come from various dig sites that the Cheshire based company had been involved in.  There were ammonites, sharks teeth, fossilised wood, pieces of fossilised bone, belemnite guards and even some super fossilised worm casts to discover.

We used a dinosaur soft toy from our wide range of prehistoric plush to teach about the properties of materials: Soft Toy Dinosaurs.

Feedback from the teaching team was extremely positive, comments received included:

“Very interactive, fascinating and relevant the children loved these activities”

Dinosaur Themed Summer School a Roaring Success!

Feedback from Blackpool Science Conference

5 stars for Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Feedback Received

The picture above is a copy of the feedback form returned to Everything Dinosaur after the company’s participation in the summer school.  All too soon it was time to pack up but the team members did take time out to inspect some of the wonderful writing work that had been created by the children.  There were dinosaur posters, dinosaur fact cards, fact sheets all about extinction and even a marine reptile scene.

One of the teachers responsible for conducting the two-week long summer school stated:

“The Everything Dinosaur team member spent time with the children and answered all their questions.  Everything Dinosaur had a brilliant attitude with the children and they were really enthusiastic.  The team went out of their way to find extra information to answer one of the children’s questions.  Super resources.”

It seems that Everything Dinosaur’s work over the summer has been a roaring success.

To learn more about the company’s extensive product range: Everything Dinosaur.