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13 08, 2015

New Rebor Replicas Due in Stock

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Latest Rebor Replicas Due in Stock at Everything Dinosaur

The latest editions to the ever-growing range of Rebor replicas are due to arrive at Everything Dinosaur’s warehouse tomorrow (Friday, 14th August).  We are expecting the new, limited edition hatching Velociraptors replica along with the two dinosaur nest dioramas (sauropod and theropod nest).  These items have already cleared European customs and the most up to date information we have is that they have now begun their onward journey with an expected arrival time in the UK later this evening.

If all goes to plan, stock should be in our warehouse sometime on Friday and team members are going to be on standby to make sure that once product has arrived and been checked over it can be on line at Everything Dinosaur within minutes.

The Limited Edition Hatching Velociraptors Replica

Introducing "Lock, Stock, and Barrel".

Introducing “Lock, Stock, and Barrel”.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Rebor Replicas

Only 1,000 Velociraptor Hatching replicas are being made, this is the second introduction into the “Rebor Club Selection” range and the sculpting team have decided to give their trio of theropods a retro feel with scaly skins rather than feathers.  It is certainly a most interesting figure.

To view Everything Dinosaur’s existing range of Rebor replicas and models: Rebor Replicas.

The other two additions to the Rebor range are the sauropod dinosaur nest diorama and the theropod dinosaur nest diorama.  These sets contain twelve removable dinosaur eggs and show that different types of dinosaur created different types of nest and laid differently shaped eggs.

Both Rebor Dinosaur Nest Dioramas will be available From Everything Dinosaur

Beautifully crafted figures.

Beautifully crafted figures from Rebor. The sauropod nest is on the left of the picture, whilst the theropod nest is seen on the right.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

These dinosaur nest replicas would be great for creating prehistoric scenes or dinosaur themed dioramas.

13 08, 2015

Student Finds Rare Mammal Fossil

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American Student Finds Rare Marsupial Jawbone

An American student working with the North Dakota Geological Survey has found a very rare and exceptionally well preserved fossil jawbone of a Late Cretaceous mammal.  The Cretaceous of North American may have sported mega fauna such as Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops but there was also a rich and diverse mammalian fauna.  The fossil has been identified as a jawbone (complete with six tiny teeth), of a marsupial mammal named Glasbius twitchelli.  The fossil is approximately sixty-six million years old and it represents the most complete lower jawbone found for this species.

To read a more complete article about this important fossil discovery: Student Makes Important Fossil Discovery.

Fossil Jawbone

For student Sean Ternes, it was a remarkable discovery.  He had just been explaining to members of the public on a outreach programme how to find fossils when, during a break he tried a little fossil prospecting of his own and found the jawbone.  From its well preserved state, team members from Everything Dinosaur concluded that the fossil had not long since been eroded out of the surrounding rock.  This is the first time that the ancient marsupial Glasbius twitchelli has been recorded in North Dakota.

Everything Dinosaur stocks a wide range of museum-quality scale models of prehistoric mammals. To view the selection of prehistoric mammal replicas available at Everything Dinosaur: Models of Prehistoric Mammals.

A Rare Mammal Fossil

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur congratulated the student for their highly significant fossil discovery and stated:

“This is the most complete jawbone found to date for this important species.  A tiny fossil such as this helps to provide palaeontologists with a better understanding of the mammalian fauna that lived during the very last days of the dinosaurs.”

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