Countdown to the New CollectA Models

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New CollectA Models Due in Shortly

The majority of the new for 2015 CollectA prehistoric animals should be in stock at Everything Dinosaur very shortly.  The models, which include the 1:4 scale Guidraco pterosaur replica and the feathered Tyrannosaurus rex are currently on the water and they should be arriving at Everything Dinosaur’s warehouse by the end of the month.

CollectA Models

The CollectA ranges, including the “Supreme” range, to which the Guidraco scale model belongs, have earned themselves a big reputation amongst dinosaur model fans and collectors for their beautiful designs and attention to detail.  The ranges have been extended recently and new additions will include the “war pig” Daeodon as well as the huge Moropus.

The genus Moropus contains a number of species, all members of the “knuckle-walkers” group of prehistoric mammals (Chalicotherioidea).  New dinosaurs from CollectA include an eagerly awaited Acrocanthosaurus model (expect more news from Rebor on this dinosaur shortly) and more stocks of the popular 1:40 scale CollectA Carcharodontosaurus.

Coming Soon to Everything Dinosaur

New models all available from Everything Dinosaur.

New models all available from Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Lots of New Figures and CollectA Models

As you can see from the picture above, a marine reptile is also included in these new releases.  The marine reptile is a Temnodontosaurus and it is depicted giving birth, showing that these superbly adapted marine creatures were viviparous (live birth).  Emerging from behind the head of the fearsome Daeodon is the new Smilodon replica, and what a beautiful Sabre-tooth cat model it is too.

To view Everything Dinosaur’s range of CollectA models: CollectA Prehistoric World Models.

The not to scale series now contains over a hundred prehistoric animal replicas, all of which are available from Everything Dinosaur, we have seen a number of these replicas already and they really are top quality.  The feathered T. rex and the Acrocanthosaurus (A. atokensis) are both new additions to the scale model range (both these dinosaurs are sculpted in 1:40 scale).

CollectA Deluxe Scale Models

To view the scale model series made by CollectA: CollectA Deluxe/Supreme Prehistoric Animal Models.

 Earlier this year, the first of the 2015 prehistoric animals from CollectA were released.  These replicas included a 1:40 scale Pliosaurus, two horned dinosaurs (Medusaceratops and Nasutoceratops), plus the Chinese tyrannosaurid Xiongguanlong and the enormous titanosaur known as Daxiatitan.

Some of the New for 2015 Prehistoric Animal Models (CollectA)

A wide variety of prehistoric animal models.

A wide variety of prehistoric animal models.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

A Field Ruler Shows the Scale

The inclusion of one of our field rulers in the photograph above gives readers and idea of the size of these hand-painted replicas.  The picture shows just some of the new CollectA models, from left to right (as you view the photograph),  we have the green and black, long-necked Daxiatitan, the ichthyosaur Temodontosaurus, Medusaceratops then at the back the 1:40 scale Pliosaurus model complete with Lampreys attached to its body.

The Xiongguanlong can be seen on its base in the centre of the photograph, close to the sandy coloured Moropus and the grey Nasutoceratops.  The Daeodon, prehistoric mammal figure is in the bottom right corner of the photograph.  It certainly is a very eclectic bunch of prehistoric animals.