Girl Palaeonlogist Rag Doll –  Encouraging Girls into Science

Everything Dinosaur is delighted to support science professionals and their assistants/colleagues who are keen to celebrate the role of women in archaeology, palaeontology and geology.  We at Everything Dinosaur have been lucky enough to met and work with some amazing female scientists and it is great to see a child’s doll on the market that encourages girls to explore the wonderful world of rocks and fossils.  Meet a girl palaeontologist rag doll, a modern-day Mary Anning.

A Palaeontologist Soft Toy is Available from Everything Dinosaur

Girl palaeontologist rag doll.

A prehistoric themed soft toy, a girl palaeontologist rag doll.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Girl Palaeontologist Rag Doll

The girl palaeontologist rag doll stands 30 cm high and she is obviously equipped for some series fossil hunting with her sturdy jacket, with plenty of pockets and fossil collectors cap.  This rag doll comes with a theropod dinosaur fossil to find and we are sure that this young lady is going to have some amazing fossil collecting adventures.

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Everything Dinosaur team members first came across this item several months ago, we have met some of the people behind her production and it is great to see a role model such as this for girls.

When we were puzzling over the name for this new doll, it was pointed out to us, very aptly by an eleven year old girl, that the name “Lottie” can be found in the word:


Perhaps, we call this rag doll “Lottie”, however, the word “Ali” or “Isla” would also be fitting as these names too, can be constructed from the term “palaeontologist”.

The fossil hunter rag doll is recommended by Everything Dinosaur for its creative, imaginative play value and for the way it helps to challenge outmoded stereotypes when it comes to careers.

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