Everything Dinosaur Supports Women In Science

With our school visits to deliver dinosaur and fossil themed workshops, Everything Dinosaur team members are heavily involved in helping to promote geology/palaeontology and careers in science to young people and it is wonderful to introduce a girl palaeontologist rag doll.  We are very aware of the need to promote science to both girls and boys and as we visit a large number of schools we recognise that our team members can make an important contribution.

It’s not just our school visits, we supply lots of helpful teaching resources to teachers and home educationalists and provide advice on all sorts of Earth science related subjects from “Anning to Zuniceratops” as our boss, known as “Tyrannosaurus Sue” likes to say.  This week alone, we have provided free lesson plan advice to a Year 6 teacher as they prepare to teach evolution as a term topic, supported a Key Stage 2 teaching team with their fossils and rocks scheme of work and answered questions from school leavers about the potential roles and vocations within the umbrella of palaeontology.

Fact sheets on Smilodon fatalis and Allosaurus fragilis have been emailed to India and we have supplied ammonite models to help a geologist explain about life in Jurassic marine environments – all this and it is still only Monday.

Dinosaurs and Fossils are Not Just for the Boys!

Encouraging women into the Earth Sciences!

Encouraging women into the Earth Sciences!

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

We have been so lucky to have met and worked with some amazing women scientists. That’s why Everything Dinosaur is delighted to introduce a “Girl Palaeontologist Rag Doll” into our extensive product range.

Girl Palaeontologist Rag Doll

Say Hello to a Girl Palaeontologist

Girl palaeontologist rag doll.

A prehistoric themed soft toy, a girl palaeontologist rag doll.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

We first met this young palaeontologist quite a few months ago when she was very much at the prototype stage.  We applaud the efforts of those women behind the campaign to get more girls to study the sciences.  Celebrating the role of women in archaeology, geology and palaeontology who have done amazing work in the past, continue to do so today and will no doubt be at the cutting edge of the Earth Sciences in the future.  Our boss Sue, (volcanism is her thing), only wishes that this soft toy had been around when she was growing up.

To view Rag Doll fossil hunter and other educational soft toys: Prehistoric Animal Soft Toys.

Sue commented:

“There have been some wonderful women who have been pioneers in the development of palaeontology and geology and we are all keen to help encourage girls into science careers.  Sadly, in some quarters those Georgian/early Victorian  attitudes that dogged Mary Anning can still be found, but we are doing all we can to stress that dinosaurs and fossils are not just for boys.”

As if to affirm Sue’s comments, we received a letter from Shantel in Year 2 after a dinosaur workshop with her class.  Shantel was delighted that we came to her school as she was “very excited because we love dinosaurs”.

Shantel’s Thank You Letter (Year 2)

Encouraging girls to learn about fossils and life in the past.

Encouraging girls to learn about fossils and life in the past.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Great writing Shantel and thank you for your kind words, we know that this fossil hunter rag doll will be very impressed.