Feedback from Parents after Dinosaur Workshop

At Everything Dinosaur it is always a pleasure to receive comments from parents of children who have taken part in our dinosaur workshops in school.  After a visit to John Locke Academy to work with the EYFS stage children we received the following comment from a parent on our main, Everything Dinosaur blog site:

“Sounds like the children had an amazing time , my son attends the school and has learnt so much in such a small amount of time this by far has been his favourite topic he loves dinosaurs and was so excited to tell us that you’d been to the school thank you .”

You are most welcome, we are happy to help out and our dinosaur workshops are extremely popular in schools.   We really enjoy teaching about dinosaurs in schools.

One of the Dinosaurs we Spotted at John Locke Academy

A friendly Sauropod spotted in the classroom.

A friendly Sauropod spotted in the classroom.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

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