Latest Customer Review of the Schleich Kentrosaurus Dinosaur Model

At Everything Dinosaur we get lots of customer comments and feedback including views on the latest prehistoric model purchases made by dinosaur fans and collectors.  Here is a review we have received about the Schleich Kentrosaurus, a very colourful and detailed replica introduced by Schleich along with their Anhanguera pterosaur replica.  There are more new releases due from Schleich towards the middle of the year including a fantastic Giganotosaurus dinosaur figure.

Schleich Kentrosaurus

The Beautiful Schleich Kentrosaurus Dinosaur Model (World of History)

Available from Everything Dinosaur.

Available from Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Here is the Customer Review

This is great model.  The detail and accuracy rivals Papo models. Probably the best detailing and realism Schleich have come up with to date.  The dynamic pose gives a sense of movement and great if you want to display him interacting with another dino model.  If you are a collector I suggest you get this one as we might just be seeing the first in a line of superior sculpting from Schleich.  He may be “spikey” but there are no hard or sharp ends so he should be quite safe for a child.

We at Everything Dinosaur welcome the opinions and views of our customers. It is always a pleasure to hear from our customers.

To view the superb, Schleich World of History dinosaur and prehistoric animal models: Schleich World of History Prehistoric Animal Models.

What about the service received from Everything Dinosaur?  The reviewer went onto add:

“As usual friendly, helpful service from Everything Dinosaur.  Posted the day after ordering and arrived the following day.  I always seem to get my orders from Everything Dinosaur within 48 hours of ordering …fantastic!”

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