Temnodontosaurus and Moropus Models

The last two CollectA models to go into production for 2015 are the remarkable Temnodontosaurus and Moropus models.  CollectA will produce an ichthyosaur replica depicting a Temnodontosaurus giving birth and a chalicothere replica – Moropus).  These figures will be available in the late Spring of 2015, we suspect around May/June.

Temnodontosaurus platyodon

The ichthyosaur replica (Temnodontosaurus platyodon), is we believe, a world first for a mainstream model manufacturer.  The replica depicts a female at the moment of giving birth.  Viviparity in the Ichthyosauria was just one of their adaptations to a fully marine existence.

New for 2015 The CollectA Temnodontosaurus Ichthyosaur Model

Detailed Ichthyosaur figure.
Detailed ichthyosaur figure.

Picture credit: CollectA

Model Measurements

This model measures around twenty centimetres long from the tip of the snout to the tail flukes.  The baby is being born tail first and it is not detachable from the mother. There have been some remarkable fossils found which show ichthyosaurs preserved in the process of giving birth, we are not aware of any such specimens which feature T. platyodon, but it is fitting that CollectA should choose to produce their first ichthyosaur based on Temnodontosaurus, as this was the first ichthyosaur fossil to be described, when a specimen showing a nearly complete skull and articulated cervical vertebrae was discovered in Dorset back in 1810.

In several fossils a baby can be clearly seen emerging tail first from the mother.  Being born tail first prevented the youngster from drowning before it had time to free itself from its mother.  A number of Temnodontosaurus species have been described, at around twelve metres in length, T. platyodon was one of the largest of all the ichthyosaurs known to science.  It would have been an predator (but not likely an apex predator) in the Early Jurassic seas of Europe. Everything Dinosaur team members thing that this marine reptile specialised in hunting cephalopods.   Based on a length of twelve metres we estimate that this figure would be in 1:60 scale.

Black Pigmentation

The mainly black pigmentation of the model is based on recently published research (Lund University, Sweden), that suggested that most ichthyosaurs were dark coloured, although the conclusions made by the Swedish researchers have been challenged.

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CollectA Deluxe Moropus Model

Now let’s turn our attention to the Chalicothere model that CollectA will also be bringing out in the summer of 2015 (July 2015).  This is a model of the North American “knuckle-walker”, known as Moropus.

CollectA Deluxe Moropus Model Available in Summer 2015

Wonderful prehistoric animal model.
Wonderful prehistoric animal model.

Picture credit: CollectA

Intriguingly, this replica has attracted a lot of attention, after all, there are not that many top quality prehistoric mammal replicas to be found and this model of a Miocene herbivore is superb.  Everything Dinosaur intends to produce a fact sheet on this model, we intend to focus on Moropus elatus (named by Marsh).

Prehistoric Animal Models

There may also be confusion over to the scale of the Deluxe Moropus figure, some paperwork from CollectA states 1:12 scale, whilst other notes refer to the Moropus being a 1:20 scale model.  The Moropus figure measures a fraction under fourteen centimetres long from the snout to the tip of the tail and it stands a little over sixteen centimetres high (top of the head). Based on M. elatus with a shoulder height of around 2.4 metres we estimate that this figure is nearer to 1:20 scale than 1:12, although this calculation does depend on which species  and which fossil specimens are used as references.

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Either way it is a super, new addition to the CollectA range and we look forward to adding both these replicas to our inventory.