Dino Soft Toy Dinosaurs – Colourful Soft Toys Designed for Young Palaeontologists

As far as we can tell, based on comparisons with the dinosaur’s closest living relatives – the birds and crocodiles, dinosaurs had excellent colour vision.  This means that in all probability colour was very important to this particular group of prehistoric animals and many dinosaurs as a result might have been very colourful indeed.  A new range of dinosaur soft toys has been added to Everything Dinosaur’s website and they certainly support this scientific thinking, young palaeontologists now have a scarlet Spinosaurus and a beautiful, blue Tyrannosaurus rex to play with.

Dinosaur Soft Toys

A “Rainbow” Inspired Range of Dinosaur Soft Toys

Dinosaur soft toys available in two sizes

Dinosaur soft toys available in two sizes.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Soft and cuddly dinosaurs, whatever next?  Joining the friendly Spinosaurus and his chum T. rex is a cute and camouflaged Stegosaurus soft toy.  It might be a good idea for the green and stripy Stegosaurus to be able to blend into its forest home habitat with two other big dinosaurs on the prowl.  These dinosaur soft toys did really well on test at Everything Dinosaur.

Their bright and cheery appearance went down well with both mums and dads and young dinosaur fans.  Best of all they come in two sizes with Dino babies (T. rex, Stegosaurus and Spinosaurus), having an overall length of approximately thirty centimetres or so.  The Large Dino soft toys measure around forty-eight centimetres or thereabouts, certainly big enough for budding young scientists to create their very on bedtime “Jurassic Park”.

Large Dino Soft Toys Available from Everything Dinosaur

Cute and cuddly dinosaur soft toys

Cute and cuddly dinosaur soft toys.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Spinosaurus, Stegosaurus and T. rex

The bright red Spinosaurus has a purple, orange and white sail running along his back.  He may be the largest land living carnivore known to science but his super soft material makes him an ideal playmate for children from three years and upwards.  Yes, we know that Spinosaurus may actually have had three-fingered claws and not the two digits depicted here, but this bright and cheery dinosaur won us over.  After all,  no one has ever found the fossilised arm and hand bones of Spinosaurus (as far as we know).

The T. rex is a colourful character too.  Patterned with stripes and with light blue spines running down his back that match the colour of his flanks.  His underbelly is an off-white colour and we were informed by one young reviewer that Tyrannosaurus rex was rather ticklish on his tummy!

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Everyone just loved the cute expression on the dinosaurs especially on the Large Stegosaurus soft toy.  He seemed to be a very happy, relaxed looking Stegosaurus, or perhaps he is nodding off, just the sort of encouragement your little ones might need when it’s time to close their eyes and to dream of dinosaur adventures.

A Relaxed Dino Stegosaurus Soft Toy

A very laid back, cute dinosaur

A very laid back, cute dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Our baby dinosaurs are the spitting image of their parents and just as cute and cuddly.  It was hard for us to pick a favourite amongst such a colourful collection.

Baby Dino Dinosaur Soft Toys

Bedtimes just got a whole lot more colourful.

Bedtimes just got a whole lot more colourful.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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