Everything Dinosaur Reviews “Devil Horned Face”

CollectA have rapidly earned themselves a reputation for producing models of more obscure and unusual dinosaurs. Amongst the many replicas of ceratopsians within the company’s range, a model of the horned dinosaur known as Diabloceratops (D.eatoni) has just been added.

CollectA Diabloceratops Dinosaur Model

Everything Dinosaur team members have produced a short (4.49) video review of this dinosaur model.  In the video we review the model, comment on the vivid colouration of the neck shield and remark on the appearance of the jugal processes (flared out bone from the cheeks).

Everything Dinosaur’s Video Review of Diabloceratops

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

Diabloceratops (Centrosaurinae)

Diabloceratops has been classified as a basal member of the centrosaurine clade of horned dinosaurs.  Its discovery highlights the great diversity of horned dinosaurs that roamed western North America during the Late Cretaceous.  This is a super model of a horned dinosaur and CollectA are to be congratulated for creating replicas of some of the lesser known members of the Dinosauria.

To view the large range of horned dinosaur figure includind centrosaurines and chasmosaurine models in the CollectA Prehistoric Life model range: CollectA Prehistoric Life/CollectA Prehistoric World Models.