Everything Dinosaur Prepares to Help Out at Museum Exhibitions

Team members from Everything Dinosaur will be on hand to guide visitors through the Beacon Museum’s two exciting summer exhibitions when they make special guest appearances, the first of which is taking place on the weekend of the 3rd and 4th of August.

The Beacon Museum

Visitors to the Beacon Museum can come face-to-face with life size replicas of giant prehistoric beasts from the Ice Age as well as learn all about amazing creatures from the deep as the Copeland museum hosts “Ice Age – Life after Dinosaurs” and “Shark! Myths and Reality”.

Staff from Everything Dinosaur will explain how the Sabre-Toothed Tiger got its misleading name and what to do if attacked by a Woolly Rhinoceros.  Providing an insightful Ice Age survival guide as well as pointing out just how closely related to Neanderthals some of the residents of Whitehaven might actually be.

Sharks are an ancient group with a fossil record stretching back over 420 million years and Everything Dinosaur team members will explain some of the similarities between sharks and “land-sharks” otherwise known as dinosaurs.

For models and replicas of prehistoric sharks and other ancient creatures: PNSO Age of Dinosaurs Figures.

Despite the fearsome reputation of giant shark predators such as the enormous Megalodon, whose jaws were so big it could have swallowed a Great White shark whole, Everything Dinosaur will also be introducing museum visitors to some of the other super-sized predators that once terrorised the seas.

Everything Dinosaur Team Member Mike Walley with a Megalodon Tooth

Something fishy going on at the Beacon Museum

Something fishy going on at the Beacon Museum.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur

Team members from Everything Dinosaur will be special guests at the Beacon Museum over the weekends of 3rd/4th August and October 26th/27th, visitors to the museum will be able to handle fossils, pose questions and participate in various activities as Everything Dinosaur staff explore over 400 million years of Earth’s history.

Contact Everything Dinosaur team members for information about prehistoric animals: Contact Everything Dinosaur.