Year 5 and Year 6 Pupils Make 3-D Models of Dinosaurs

Pupils at Weston Primary have been showing their artistic skills by building a set of prehistoric animal sculptures as part of their summer term topic studying dinosaurs and fossils.  All the classes in Year 5 and Year 6 at the school have been learning about prehistoric animals and fossils, under the tutelage of the teaching team.  A member of Everything Dinosaur, who visited the school as part of a dinosaur workshop, was treated to a guided tour of the exhibits, a sort of work in progress.  Part of a classroom had been set aside to display the artwork, some pieces were over one and a half metres in length.

Models of Dinosaurs

Upper Key Stage 2 Pupils Make Dinosaur Sculptures

A T. rex model in production.

School creates T. rex statue.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

A team member at Everything Dinosaur, who visited the school in support of the term’s teaching topic, was given a guided tour of the prehistoric themed artworks by the Year 1 and Reception children.  A part of the Key Stage 1 area  had been roped off so that the children could show the “pieces of dinosaur” that had been excavated from a sand pit, as well as the some of the safety equipment that palaeontologists wear when digging up ancient bones.  This was an excellent idea as it gave the children an important example of “Health and Safety” at work.

Dinosaur and Fossil Workshops

During the dinosaur and fossil workshops, each of the classes were given activities which dovetail into the national curriculum.  For example, Year 3 students discovered that they had all technically eaten a dinosaur and Year 2 pupils learned how fossils are formed, what rocks contain fossils and what to do if you should be so lucky to find a fossil.

One of the Completed Dinosaur Sculptures

Stegosaurus model.

School children create model of “Roof Lizard”

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

During the lunch break, in between answering questions from teaching assistants and discussing extension activities, the Everything Dinosaur team member was able to take some photographs of the exhibition area.  The site was beginning to resemble Weston Primary’s own version of the Crystal Palace dinosaurs.

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