The New CollectA Deinotherium Model Reviewed

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Everything Dinosaur Reviews the 1:20 Scale Model of Deinotherium by CollectA

CollectA introduced an award winning model of the brontothere known as Megacerops a couple of years ago, now they have added to their growing reputation as makers of superb prehistoric mammal models by bringing out a replica of the prehistoric elephant known as Deinotherium.

CollectA Deinotherium Model

Deinotherium was a member of the elephant family, but it is not closely related to modern elephants or mammoths.  It is likely that the ancestors of Deinotherium diverged from other forms of primitive elephant very early in the evolutionary history of the group.  It had relatively long legs and a long, low skull, rather than the domed skull of more modern elephants such as the extant species seen today.  The front part of the lower jaw was turned downwards and deinotheres possessed two over-sized, tusk-like incisors that curved downwards in a hook-like configuration.

Depicting the Trunk

These are very well depicted in the CollectA replica.  Palaeontologists have postulated that the trunk was shorter than those of living elephants, this too is beautifully recreated in this new CollectA model.  It is likely that these prehistoric elephants first evolved in Africa and a number of species of Deinotherium are known, the largest of which lived in Europe, at Everything Dinosaur we have tended to describe this figure as a replica of Deinotherium giganteum, one of the largest species described to date.

The CollectA Deinotherium Prehistoric Elephant Model

Super model of a prehistoric elephant.

Super model of a prehistoric elephant.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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The model represents a male of the species and it measures a total of twenty-four centimetres from the tip of the tail to the upper portion of the trunk.  CollectA state that this a 1:20 scale model and this fits the parameters known for this genera, although based on our calculations, using specimens from Europe, a scale of nearer 1:30 might be closer to the mark.

Beautiful Fine Details

The model shows the fine detailing as seen in the earlier Megacerops figure.  For example, look into the top of the mouth and you can see that the teeth of this prehistoric elephant have been included.  The skin texture is brilliantly done with subtle creases, skin folds and the impression of a hairy coat.  The individual toes of this giant prehistoric animal have been carefully picked out and the small ears and the animal’s bright eyes are wonderful.  CollectA have created a very expressively replica indeed.

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The Deinotherium model can be posed with the CollectA Neanderthal figures and it does not look out of place, it is a fine example of the model makers art.