The New CollectA 1:40 Scale Model of Parasaurolophus Reviewed

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Everything Dinosaur’s Review of the CollectA Scale Parasaurolophus

Easily recognised due to its distinctive crest, Parasaurolophus is one of the better known of the duck-billed dinosaurs when it comes to public perception.  However, it may be one of the more recognisable members of the lambeosaurine hadrosaurs but fossils of the species that make up this genera are less common than those from a number of other hadrosaurine genera.

The Scale Model of Parasaurolophus from CollectA

Colourful and well made dinosaur model.

Colourful and well made dinosaur model.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur


Known from North America, New Mexico in the USA to Alberta in Canada, this Late Cretaceous herbivore may have reached lengths in excess of ten metres.  The backward, sweeping head crest in some of the larger specimens found to date measures nearly two metres in length.  For CollectA, a Parasaurolophus dinosaur model has been a part of their not-to-scale model series for many years, but they have posed this dinosaur on its hind legs.

The new scale model of Parasaurolophus is posed on all fours (quadrupedal stance).  The pose probably helps to stabilise this large model, but it also demonstrates nicely that adults probably spent most of their time on four legs, demonstrating their facultative bipedal behaviour only when they really needed to.

CollectA Parasaurolophus Scale Model

The model is indeed quite hefty, recent hadrosaurine finds from the western United States have suggested that these duck-billed dinosaurs had very powerful back legs and deep, broad tails, traits which are well picked out by this new CollectA replica.  The dappled skin texture on the model also reflects evidence from the fossil record.  Measuring in at thirty centimetres, we estimate the scale to be around 1:33 rather than the stated 1:40 by CollectA.  However, since fragments of very large specimens are known and that it is possible for Parasaurolophus to have grown larger than ten metres, the scale stated by CollectA is fine by us.

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Like all the CollectA models, it is well painted and shows lots of detail.  There is a small flap of skin attached to the crest from the neck (painted blue) and the crest itself is coloured a vivid red and blue with nicely defined white eye patches around the face.  The stripes along the body would make excellent camouflage in this dinosaur’s woodland home and the colourful crest with its red, white and blue markings would have been clearly visible to any other Parasaurolophus that might have challenged it.

A Close up of the Head of the CollectA Parasaurolophus Scale Model

A red, white and blue crest, perhaps a patriotic "British" Hadrosaur.

A red, white and blue crest, perhaps a patriotic “British” hadrosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

In summary, an excellent model, an excellent addition to an excellent range.