Deposits Magazine (Winter Edition) in Review

Finally, managed to persuade my colleagues in the office to let me have the latest copy of Deposits magazine for a review.  It arrived at Everything Dinosaur’s offices about ten days ago, but since then the team members have been avidly reading it and up until now I have not been able to get my hands on it.

Deposits Magazine

As always the latest edition, is jam packed full of interesting articles covering geology, palaeontology and of course mineralogy.  Must not forget the mineralogists, sometimes we overlook their contribution, pleasing to see the front cover is adorned with some artwork created from slices of colourful polished agate from around the world.

Front Cover of Deposits Magazine

Colourful agates adorn the front cover.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

One of the good things about this magazine is that it does not limit itself to UK locations, in this issue readers are transported to far flung places such as Morocco, Kenya as well as Poland and our own Dorset coast.  Amongst the usual updates on fossil finds, book reviews, (great to see a review of the excellent publication “English Wealden Fossils”, edited by David Batten), directories of societies and so on, there is a fascinating article on one of our favourite prehistoric animals, the enigmatic Leedsichthys.  The article, written by Dr Jeff Liston documents some of the difficulties in excavating the delicate fossils associated with this huge pachycormid.  As always, the article is well illustrated with lots of photographs and some stunning artwork created by our chum Bob Nicholls of

We looked on enviously at the pictures of recent finds from readers as well as the feature on the Zigong Dinosaur Museum, located at Dashanpu, at the heart of China’s Sichuan Province.  We regard this part of China as the “unofficial dinosaur capital of the world”, due to the amazing amount of dinosaur fossil material discovered in this area over recent years.

As guest editor, Dick Mol of he Natural History Museum (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) states:

“Deposits is an extremely attractive publication, – large sized magazine with an eye-catching layout.”

Check out issue 29, it is well worth reading.

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